Microsoft joins Apple in FRAND patent fight in EU against Motorola Mobility

“Microsoft has joined Apple in filing an antitrust suit against Motorola Mobility in the European Union for allegedly abusing its standard-essential patents,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Microsoft’s formal competition complaint was filed this week and revealed by the company on Wednesday,” Hughes reports. “It asserts that Motorola Mobility is attempting to illegally block sales of Windows PCs, Xbox game consoles and other products by leveraging patents that are obligated to be offered with fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) licensing.”

Hughes reports, “Microsoft’s formal suit comes only days after it was revealed that Apple has also lodged a complaint against Motorola with the European Commission. Apple’s antitrust suit also asserts that Motorola is not making its standard-essential patents available under FRAND terms.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.


    1. I’ve already convinced many people to do that on all of their Mac and iOS devices.

      Obviously, I know nothing about the Windows machines (haven’t used one in many years) but I assume that the default search on the IE would be Bing?

      The way to hurt Google is just not use their stuff and convince other Mac and iOS users to do the same. Plenty of other options out there for free.

      I used Gmail exclusively for a while but have made the transition to Apple’s iCloud Mail and will soon delete my Gmail account once and for all. Bing is fine and I’m using Siri a lot to search for stuff as well. About the only Google thing I still use every now and then is Maps on the iOS devices but I now primarily use the Garmin app for GPS stuff so I’m set on that front as well.

      1. Also, get the “Ghostery” extension for Safari. It blocks all advertising information gathering cookies from Google and other data miners and stops them from tracking your web browsing activity.

      2. Mapquest 4 Mobile is an amazing free nav app for iOS, with turn-by-turn, voice guidance, point of interest, and everything else you would expect.

        When I am not in my own vehicle (my Mercedes has nav), I use the Mapquest app exclusively.

  1. Not always, MDN. Sometimes they are simply another enemy with a temporary convergence in objectives.

    The problem with the logic behind “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is that it is not always true. And, when it isn’t, you are often in for a bag o’ hurt in the long term after that temporary convergence is over.

    In Microsoft’s case, this will never be true for Apple. At best, Microsoft can be tolerated out of necessity.

    1. Well, that temporary convergence in objectives is containing Google and “destroying” Android. Apple and Microsoft certainly see things eye-to-eye on that matter. Apple and Microsoft will continue to compete vigorously in various markets and even Jobs commended on WP7, saying that at least it tries to be different.

      I’ve always viewed Microsoft as just a big developer for Apple. The truth of the matter is that the Mac platform still needs Office and it’d be great if it came to the iOS platform as well. Microsoft will still be relevant for a long, long time to come. It still has something like 94% of the global PC OS share and 85% in the US.

  2. A few dumb people have said that Microsoft should join Google in suing Apple but those people are idiots!

    Microsoft is losing the windows battle to Apple, but they’re losing more than that to Google, with Search, Google Apps, etc… Microsoft is becoming irrelevant thanks to Google. An if Google ever gets Android on a desktop, then they’ll kill Windows even faster. And don’t think for a minute that Google hasn’t thought or tried to put Android on a desktop – they try everything!

    Besides, if Apple weren’t here, who would Microsoft copy from?

    1. Put this another way. MS office started on Macs. MS “borrowed” the idea for Windows from Macs. MS makes money selling Office to macs. Apple has directly or indirectly made MS a ton of money. What money has MS ever made off of Google?

      That’s right, nothing. Google is purely parasitic to MS. I would applaud this but I think Google has already become more dangerous and harmful than MS ever was and they are rapidly becoming worse.

  3. Authorities have to stop the stragedy of acquiring companies for the reason of using their patents, FRAND or otherwise, against competitors. Acquired patent aggression needs to be nipped in the bud. I am surprised Google got approved for acquiring Motorola since this was plainly their objective.

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