Beleaguered RIM tries again with Playbook, again fails to impress

“After months of delays, the software upgrade to Research in Motion’s Playbook tablet finally arrived on Tuesday,” Trefis Team writes for Forbes.

“With a native email client, built-in calender and contacts applications, we believe the Blackberry Playbook OS 2.0 addresses many of its predecessor’s limitations, but the lack of BBM functionality will be a deterrent for many of its fans,” Trefis writes. “With cheaper and much more popular 7-inch tablets such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble’s Nook tablet gaining market share in the low-end tablet market and Apple’s iPad dominating the high-end space, RIM will have to do much more to stay relevant in the tablet arena.”

Trefis writes, “Enterprise customers constitute a huge proportion of its overall customer base that use its Blackberry phones to connect to its enterprise server and send secure encrypted messages. The Blackberry Messaging service accounts for close to 30% of our $16.50 price estimate for RIM stock and brings in a lot of value to the company’s business. However, just like its predecessor, the new upgrade lacks BBM functionality as well as integration with the company’s enterprise server software. This, we believe, is a huge gaping hole in the company’s Playbook software that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As anyone who’s ever tried to use DCW’s playbook can attest, it’s a wholly unintuitive piece of overpriced crap. Amateur hour, indeed.

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  1. I still can’t believe they don’t support BBM on it. That would be like Microsoft releasing Word that couldn’t import excel files at all.

    This will be the last update to play book. It’s dead.

    1. RiM has QNX. They are not giving up. (Now that they are fully awakened from their long nap in Waterloo.) But popcorn time will continue for a while.

      BlackBerry PlayBook OS? The first version was pathetic. This version is embarrassing. The next version might move up another rank to yawn-inducing.

      And they had better drop the “amateur hour” advertising campaign in favor of, let’s see, “and now for something completely different!”

      1. I do know about QNX and I’m sure it’s technically robust and all but it’ll just be *way* too late no matter how good it is. The market has left RIM hopelessly behind. RIM has to build an ecosystem to have a chance at survival and I just don’t see how they make a marketing dent against the iOS, Android and WP7/8. It’s now a matter of “when” RIM will disappear, not “if.”

      2. QNX could be the greatest operating system ever created. It’s not. But even assuming it is, it is too late to matter. Having a great OS without a similarly robust ecosystem and developer tools and developer support is meaningless.

        The game has moved on from OS and UI to developers, software, ecosystem and cloud service integration.

        RIM had a head start with BBM, apple with iMessage erased that lead and has left RIM far behind on every metric.

        It’s just too little, too late, RIM is DCW.

      1. Yeah but BOOING and throwing fish on the ice when a lame home team has a losing streak is ALSO a Canadian thing. Cheering on RIM at this point is like enabling a drug addict. Stop and get them some help before they KILL themselves!

    1. The 7″ form-factor is a no-go for business applications. Maybe it’s got some potential as a book reader, I’m sure it does for personal use but can you imagine any executive scaling down or scrolling 8 x 11 inch documents – for every document that comes across there desk? Not going to happen, or not for very long for those foolish enough to try.

  2. Five years from now, when RIMM ends up trading at $3 and RIM (the company) completes its seventh round of layoffs, with the BlackBerry market share percentage in the low single digits, Lazaridis and Balsillie will be able to say that it wasn’t their fault; after all, when they left, the company was still growing, very profitable and with a solid market share…

    1. Five years from now? I personally expect RIM to be sold off by the end of this year. If not, I expect them to be dropped off the stock exchange as moribund in 2013.

      Lazaridis and Balsillie will be able to say…

      Too late for that. History has been already written otherwise. Everyone knows why they dropped out.

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