Adobe pushes ‘critical’ patch to Shockwave for Mac, PC users

“Adobe has identified nine ‘critical’ vulnerabilities in Shockwave Player and earlier versions for the Mac and Windows platforms that could allow attackers to run malicious code on the affected systems,” MacNN reports.

“The company is advising all users to update to the latest version for their system version, but only the new v11.6.4.634 is protected from the vulnerabilities, which revolve around a memory corruption issue in Shockwave 3D assets,” MacNN reports.

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  1. Huh.

    I had no idea idea Flash and Shockwave were two different currently supported Adobe product. That’s such an insane lack of focus on Adobe’s part.

    If Adobe had scrapped Shockwave a decade ago like I assumed they did, they might have had enough people working on Flash to make it not suck on Macs and mobile devices.

    1. That is unlikely to ever be true. Flash (like Silverlight) is a layer above the program, like a mini OS within the program, within the main OS. Thats too much overhead for mobil devices. Until mobil devices become as powerful as today’s computers, don’t expect to see flash or Silverlight running well on them.

      1. The same could be said of web browsers. They are multi-platform, and run like mini-operating systems on top of a the OS. But web browsers keep getting updated, and they are faster and more feature rich now than ever. And yeah, the Web usually doesn’t run as fast as native applications, but the fact that the Web can run everywhere is what makes it a big deal.

        Flash will always be limited because it’s multi-platform, for sure. But that’s not nearly enough to explain why it sucks so much. Why does a Flash website run smooth as hell on a piece of shit 10 year old dell that can barely play solitaire, and then the same websites crawls and stutters along on a brand new Mac Pro that can sequence genomes. Clearly, Flash could be done better if Adobe really tried. Multi-platform is no excuse for it to suck as badly as it does – it’s laziness and lack of effort on Adobe’s part.

  2. If Macromedia/Adobe had focused on Shockwave in the beginning – instead of deprecating it in favor of Flash – the technology would be a decade ahead of where it is now. Shockwave has had 3D for a decade. Flash is supposed to get it with the next version, CS6.
    In all this time, Flash has gained more feature parity, but it is still behind Shockwave Director in many areas.

  3. I’ve just turned Flash off on my Mac. I discovered a poorly coded page was sucking up a large proportion of my processor cycles (and this is on an i7 3.4GHz). Haven’t missed it so far …

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