Apple sues Samsung in Mannheim over patent upon which Munich court denied preliminary injunction last week

“Apple does not let anyone off the hook too easily when it comes to patent litigation. Samsung, which has so far also shown quite some perseverance, knows exactly what I mean,” Florian Muelller writes for FOSS Patents.

“A few days ago I read that Apple injected roughly 20 new patents into its Australian litigation with Samsung (I have not yet seen a complaint or a list of patents), and this morning I saw that Apple has brought another U.S. lawsuit against Samsung in the Northern District of California, with a simultaneous motion for a preliminary injunction (still waiting to find out more about that),” Muelller writes.

“Today I attended a trial in Mannheim, where Apple scored a defensive win earlier today — its first one so far against Motorola Mobility. In the afternoon, the court heard the parties’ arguments with respect to an Apple lawsuit filed last June over the photo gallery page-turning patent (EP2059868 on a ‘portable electronic device for photo management’) based on which Apple already won a preliminary injunction against Samsung in the Netherlands six months ago (which Samsung has worked around but the German understanding of the patent could be significantly broader, which could have important implications for any workaround),” Muelller writes. “Apple is also suing Motorola over this patent in Munich and could get a favorable ruling next week. Apple is also using this patent in the United States and presumably also in other jurisdictions not mentioned herein.”

Muelller writes, “All in all, I think Apple has a chance above 50% of getting a favorable Mannheim ruling on this patent on April 20, 2012… At the beginning of today’s trial, Apple filed an extension to its original complaint… Apple’s extension today relates to the list-scrolling patent I once described as ‘Apple’s favorite make-Android-awkward patent’ — in this case, its European manifestation, EP2126678 on ‘list scrolling and document translation, scaling, and rotation on a touch-screen display.'”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. Apple is using the tactics that General Crook used against the Sioux. Knowing he could never actually pin them down and defeat them decisively in battle, he relied on the “deep pockets” (e.g. supply system) of the US military and waged a constant operation of harassment, never allowing them to stop in one place, rest, and resupply. Eventually, they got tired of being cold and hungry, and always being on the defensive, and they surrendered. This is what Apple is doing with companies who violate it’s patents. No rest for the wicked (or in this case, the evil).

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