Handful of protesters deliver Chinese factory petition to Apple Retail Store

“Activists hand-delivered petitions with a quarter of a million signatures to Apple’s Grand Central Terminal flagship store in Manhattan today, reiterating its plea for the company to adopt more ethical standards for the creation of its popular products,” Roger Cheng reports for CNET.

“Apple, for its part, says it already does a lot to help with working conditions abroad,” Cheng reports. “‘We care about every worker in our worldwide supply chain,’ said an Apple representative. ‘We insist that our suppliers provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, and use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes wherever Apple products are made. Our suppliers must live up to these requirements if they want to keep doing business with Apple.'”

Cheng reports, “Last year, the company conducted 229 audits at supplier facilities, and it has set up a site [apple.com/supplierresponsibility] to report on the working conditions of its suppliers.”

“The crowd of actual activists here was small, with a little more than a dozen supporters–far outstripped by the mass of media on the scene. The delivery, however, was part of a global effort that included petitions sent to stores in Bangalore, London, and Sydney,” Cheng reports. “Activists are scheduled to deliver petitions to the San Francisco flagship store later today, according to Sarah Ryan, an organizer for Change.org.”

MacDailyNews Take: Again, there is no Apple Retail Store in Bangalore, or in India, for that matter. This, along with the entire “protest” itself, is case of people with too much time on their hands who have failed to do their homework. We’d bet our Macs that this isn’t the first time their homework wasn’t done.

Cheng reports, “The groups aren’t seeking a boycott of Apple products, merely that the company change its views on its suppliers and working conditions overseas. But Ryan said the group would call for a boycott if Apple had the option to improve conditions and opted to focus on profitability instead.”

MacDailyNews Take: Empty words from vapid pawns instantly forgotten.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, in case you missed it yesterday:

Gee, here’s a great idea: Let’s protest the very company that has done the most to improve worker conditions at their supplier companies’ factories in China while ignoring and buying products from other companies’ that do absolutely nothing at all. Ah, the “logic” of vapid pawns.

Hey, as long as you don’t impede our visits to buy many Apple products in counter-protest, feel free to waste your time however you like.

We assume, of course, that these will be a totally nude “protests” since your clothes and shoes were made by workers enduring far worse conditions than any of those assembling iPhones, iPods, Macs, or iPads.

(BTW: Shhh, don’t tell ’em, but Apple doesn’t even have a retail store in Bangalore, or anywhere in India for that matter. No matter, that particular “protest” will be at least as effective as all of the others combined.)

What we wrote last week:

Overheard at FUD, Inc.:

Well, boys, those were some $%&@!# earnings. WTF are we going to do now? Apple’s isn’t just taking a bigger slice, they’re taking the whole $%&@!# pie!

There’s no new iPhone yet, so we can’t take something like attenuation and blow it all the $%&@!# out of proportion. There’s no new iPad, yet, so we can’t say that it’s so thin it cut off a little old lady’s arm in Sheboygan. We need something to give the public a least a little pause or we’re $%&@!# dead.

Hey, what about the old “Chinese slave labor” angle? Make those $%&@!# Jobsian perfectionists look like greedy $%&@!# evil overlords. Use their money and success against them. Ooh, I like it. I really like it.

Yeah, yeah, dummy, I know we all use the same Chinese company for assembly. And, yes, my little $%&@!#, I know they’re the best paid factory workers in China, because of Apple, no less. Don’t ever say that aloud again, you $%&@!#. Nobody cares about the facts. This is $%&@!# FUD, Inc.! All of our $%&@!# phones attenuate, too, you $%&@!# moron!

Perception is everything. Repeat it enough times and the $%&@!# suckers of the world lap it up like candy and start repeating it like parrots.

Quick, call up our friends at the paper!

Yup, the $%&@!# suckers of the world have lapped it up like candy and will be repeating it like parrots at a handful of big city Apple Retail Stores – and some poor reseller’s store in Bangalore – this Thursday.

Much more information about Apple Supplier Responsibility here.

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  1. Please protestants, go get a life (or a job) and don’t tray to boycott those companies that give us (the Mexican people) very great and good jobs.
    I have never been in chine, but it was the same shi-t they were saying about American factories in Latin America and it turn out, every single American company is WAYYYYY BETTER that any given Mexican company established in mexico. Having USA and German (top best) companies in mexico is the best it ever happen to us. So please don’t try to “help us” too, stay away please…..

  2. Protesters must hate it when companies are already doing a lot and the wind gets taken out of their gasbag lungs and everyone looks at them like the half-wits they are in disbelief. Thanks but you’re a day late and some IQ short a-holes! And start dealing honestly with your convictions and stop singling out the most popular company who is already dong the best job of managing their manufacturing employees overseas.

  3. get a life people… You will gain nothing from doing this to Apple or any other company. As long as there are people willing to work at the current pay rate (There are hundreds or even million Chinese willing to do anything to get a job at Foxconn), companies like Foxconn won’t increase wages or improve working condition.

    IMHO, these guys should deliver petitions to Chinese Embassy not Apple Store. It’s the govt job to protect workers not a foreign company like Apple.

  4. With all the real suffering in the world, these attention lovers are focusing their pretend “compassion” on a company who is truly creating sustainable jobs and valuable products while explicitly clarifying the humane work conditions. These workers want work and can/will quit if they so choose. Let’s not suppress the source of their opportunity.

  5. Outside of Change.org, and delivering a box of signed petitions to an Apple store, what exactly has Sarah Ryan and crew personally done to improve the “plight” of China’s peasant farmers looking for non repetitive factory work that pays great, is a secure career and has an exciting future all in 1.5 years? (sorry was typing this during one of those get your college degree TV commercials.

    I bet Sarah and crew think they’ve done their part so they can feel good about themselves and now it is time to move on to the next world injustice!

    Kind of like that idiot Sean Penn who went to an Iraqi children’s hospital, being trailed by the lap dog liberal media, panting in anticipation to show the loving care of Saddam Hussein and the inhumanity of Bush before “George’s” war… Penn’s trip didn’t do anything to improve their lot and I seriously doubt that moron has ever gone back!

    Me? I ain’t done a damn thing to help the children of Iraq or the peasant farmers in China, but then again, I’m not hounding for faux publicity pretending I care and that what I am doing makes a difference.

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