Apple’s next-gen iPad to bow in March with ‘truly amazing’ screen, says Apple employee

“Apple is planning to introduce an upgraded version of its iPad tablet at a press event early next month, according to people briefed on the company’s plans,” Nick Wingfield, Nick Bilton and Brian X. Chen report for The New York Times.

“An Apple employee said that the version of the new iPad that is being tested inside the company is ‘essentially the same size and shape as the iPad 2,’ with an improved and ‘truly amazing’ screen,” Wingfield, Bilton and Chen report.

“It’s unclear whether the product will be called the iPad 3,” Wingfield, Bilton and Chen report.

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MacDailyNews Take: What do you think, “iPad 2S,” “iPad 3,” “iPad HD,” or something else?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


      1. I would hope both those are obvious – for without them – Apple economies would never work. Of course they will use the same items purchased from the iPhone – that only makes sense.

        1. Sometimes I think Apple folks are still trying to be good enough to make money… It is inspiring to see people coming together to create a productive and creative team😊

      2. “Siri” on iPad is NOT going to be implemented in the same way as on iPhone. A phone is a device that is optimized by design to use voice-based interaction. An iPad, is NOT (nor is a Mac). The current Siri is optimized for voice-based interaction. Therefore, I think it is likely that Siri will not be a part of this particular iPad release.

        However, I think Siri’s AI capabilities will become more important over time (versus its speech recognition). Therefore, iPad (and Mac) will eventually get a later (more “evolved”) form of Siri, that can interact with the user in many sophisticated ways. For iPad, maybe it will be with iOS 6 (and any iPad with an A5 or better can use it). For Mac, maybe with whatever comes AFTER Mac OS X Lion.

          1. Notice how once you initiate an action with Siri there are often times when clicking on a button is simpler then saying ‘cancel’ or ‘send’ or whatever.

            On some devices, like an iPad, Siri could interact with us in a way that’s weighted towards presenting options verbally and visually, and expecting a response from the user with something like an array of buttons.

            On devices like a TV, where touch is harder to implement, Siri might present options visually, but expect only a verbal reply.

            1. DEPENDS on the TIME and YOUR OWN availability.

              OFC it is faster to press OK – however – while drawing or typing a message – SIRI as an ASSISTANT service can announce to you and read you your email if SET to do so.

              Once SIRI is deeper into the core services – the user will be able to decide who SIRI is integrated – THATS MY OPINION.

          2. I’m saying that much of Siri’s functionality currently is designed to use voice. You give commands with your voice and a large part of the response is with Siri’s voice. iPhone is the ideal device for the current Siri, because it is a “phone.” A phone is designed (with or without Siri) to be a device that is “optimized” for voice interaction.

            An iPad is not a device that is designed for voice interaction. It is certainly possible to interact by voice, but it is not the most natural or intuitive way to interact with an iPad. Same can be said for a Mac. Therefore, the implementation of Siri for iPad and Mac will be different… optimized for those computing devices. How will it be different? I don’t know. 🙂

            Any other tech company would just release anything that is currently popular across the board, without regard to usability. Apple will not do that. The current version of Siri is designed for voice interaction, which is why I don’t think iPad will get it with the next model release (if that’s in March). But I think it is possible that by the time iOS 6 arrives, there will be a NEW version of Siri that is designed for iPad. And with the Mac OS after Lion, there will be a version of Siri that is designed for Mac.

            1. ken1w – i see and understand but you limit the device then.

              INTEGRATING SIRI differently on other devices is fine.
              IF you believe in GOD then you must BELIEVE in the DEVIL too.

              Imagine a phone with no keys to press then whatsoever – the day SIRO came on iPhone I said now APPLE the masters of simplification can forget about the SCREEN SIZE and for get about buttons and apps and settings and SIMPLIFY th phone even more.

              A ultra-super simple PHONE all run by VOICE as yes by nature we have seen the PHONE as a voice device… however – KEN1w – its a SMARTPHONE man…

              its got loads of apps and games and music – its the damn iPhone – your thinking is natural but you understand you are LIMITING to a command feature — it is SEARCH dude SEARCH.

              WAKE UP… ok

        1. Do you suppose that perhaps Apple has a little more incite into Siri’s optimization than you?

          I’m pretty sure that when Apple implements Siri on other devices they will do it right.

          1. Exactly… Apple will “do it right.” That why it will not be on an iPad that is released in March. That’s too soon after the initial release of Siri on iPhone, which was just a few months ago.

            By the time iOS 6 is released, it’s possible that Apple will have had the time (as well as the “lessons learned” from iPhone’s Siri) to optimize Siri’s design for iPad.

            > Do you suppose that perhaps Apple has a little more incite into Siri’s optimization than you?

            What does that mean? Apple obviously has more “insight,” they have the “truth.” But they’re not talking… and I am (along with anyone else who cares to post comments here). 🙂

            1. You only increase the use of
              SIRI if implement the same on the NEW iPAD3…
              even if still in BETA.

              The people (use users) will IMPLEMENT it into our daily lives as we feel fit – discovering what we never knew we needed.

              IF Apple chooses NOT to put SIRI in the iPAD3 fine – don’t.
              YES – I trust APPLE to do it RIGHT.

              KEN1W – by you placing such emphases on what a PHONE is…
              and segregating it as a device for voice — you totally disregard what makes the iPhone / smartphones from the OLD PHONE.

              Voice command is a old tool / trick / dream for phones
              but STOP with that — SEARCH handled by voice is a high factor.

              SIRI is more about ASSISTANCE – helping the user — then about voice commands – ONCE done right SIRI is SIRI no matter WHAT damn DEVICE you use.

              Sorry but your vision is limiting.
              I will have to FIRE YOU NOW !!! — lol – just joking KEN.

              thx 4 yr opinions and who’s to say — APPLE is.
              And perhaps KEN is dead on the money here.
              IF SO — good for you – if you are Ken!!!!

              HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND ken

            2. ONE LAST THING

              EXTRA point to consider,
              Jailbreaking on the iPodTouch and iPad – has already provided some SIRI to have appeared to those not using iPhone. AND I do not see or feel SIRI is implement DIFFERENTLY for the device – its the user who may use it differently.

              APPLE needs to address this and providing even a BETA of SIRI on a device whether intended or not — this coincides with other apps and services with ever advancement… FACETIME and MESSENGER extra — they are added to the device BECAUSE – every device has a camera, a screen and a virtual keyboard and a MICROPHONE… right !

        2. I rarely disagree with you ken1w… however

          WHERE THERE is a MICROPHONE voice assistance is capable. How it is implemented should not be to say, the program has changed or the design of the service altered in anyway – no – best to think the device itself has the limitation of purpose and SIRI to intelligently respond, “sorry I am not capable of that on this device.”

          You already know SIRI is far more then voice command/control – it is an assistance and does so based on search measures. THAT ALONE wins a place fro SIRI on all APPLE products.

          Being it in BETA, you know well there has been numerous suggestions to deep the presence and better integrate SIRI to the core settings and apps of iOS. HENCE pulling it out of BETA status.

          Technology advancements these days seem exponential. Every 6 months something new – that is changing and rapidly. Siri will not be in BETA like Google crap remains beta.

          I fail to see your evidence that the iPhone has this unique status for the SIRI service. There is no reason whatsoever why SIRI would not be implemented in the same way. In fact i rather think SIRI to be mostly the same for all devices however what it responds to the user will be only determined by what the device is for. iPad to iPhone, or compared iPad to iTV. – Do not limit the future of SIRI please.

          Your speculations of improved iOS6 and what maybe come after LION is really ALLOWING the competition to gain ground on such a wonderful SIRI and a definite APPLE advantage – you could be right… with your thinking dangerous – and looks to be about another decade away.

          JMO – thx for yours

        3. Thx, ken for your time and yeah
          I understand your position now.

          I hope these implementations as you see are not so limiting as to device. SIRI needs to grow and I hope I don’t need to wait until after LION or iOS6.

          Currently 5.01 right and iPhone was born in 2007
          so about a new iOS every year
          so we will not need to wait decades – good.

    1. The headline should read “An Apple employee whose cubical walls will bleed, and who shall be found without their skin.”
      The RDF from the grave is a terrible and awesome thing. Mess with it at your peril.
      Good night, Steve Jobs, wherever you are.

  1. It will be known as iPad 3 and that’s how Apple may label it. The alternative can be iPad 3rd generation.

    Now, sooner or later those kinds of leaks are found out.

    Media, including MDN, should avoid “said an Apple employee” and instead write “said people close to the company” or “said people familiar with the matter”.

    It does not help adding “who did not want to be identified because Apple is not fond of leaks.”

    1. With Macs, a new model takes over and the old model is discontinued. So, with the exception of close-outs and refurbs, there is only the latest “iMac” on sale.

      With iPhone, starting with iPhone 3G, Apple has kept the old model around as the low-end choice after a new model is released. Therefore, there is a need to distinguish the name.

      The same will probably be true for iPad, going forward. iPad 2 is very capable, and will probably remain as the low-end choice after the new model arrives.

      I think it will be iPad 2 something, if it looks similar and has an A5, even with a better screen. If the processor is significantly improved (“A6”), then probably iPad 3.

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