Halliburton dumps beleaguered RIM BlackBerry devices for Apple iPhones

“In yet another blow to troubled Research in Motion, one of the world’s largest energy service corporations — Halliburton — plans to phase out thousands of employee BlackBerrys in favor of advancing its business via the iPhone and Apple’s iOS platform,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“Over the next year, we will begin expanding the use of our mobile technology by transitioning from the BlackBerry (RIM) platform that we currently use to smartphone technology via the iPhone,” the Houston, Texas-based firm told employees in an internal newsletter this month.

The move comes after “significant research” into both Apple’s mobile platform and Google’s Android operating system led Halliburton to “determined that the iOS platform offered the best capabilities, controls and security for application development.” For Halliburton, supporting multiple platforms is not currently seen as feasible option.

The company, which also operates a second headquarters in Dubai, employees nearly 70,000 staffers for its oilfield service operations in more than 70 countries via hundreds of subsidiaries, branches, and brands.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Well, they certainly have enough ill-gotten government funding to pay for some quality equipment … nice to know these thieves aren’t wasting our money at least.

          1. Sorry, F10T12, but you should give up on this one. Very few people like Cheney. You can’t win on this one, just like you won’t win in 2012. You might as well change your name to “I remember 2010, not sure if it will ever be repeated again.”

            I love laughing at your expense. It makes my whole day just a little bit better!

            1. I like Cheney. Good man. Compared to Obama, lifetime Marxist, who has never done an honest days work in his life and is now engaged in his hobby, destroyed free America. I know you prefer tyrants like Che Guevarra and Fidel Castro over a good man like Cheney. You are entitled to be stupid.

    1. …in other news, every other Fortune 500 company except MSFT on the planet is also assessing iPhones for their wireless communications needs. Data throttling/surcharges by mobile carriers, handset availability, and initial purchase price are the remaining major stumbling blocks.

      no news here, what a pointless article.

    1. Jon Corzine, MF Global CEO, has stolen more money in less time than anyone at Halliburton. He was former Governor and Senator of NJ and considered to be Obama’s Treasury Secretary, mainly because his skills at theft made him stand out. Halliburton are pikers compared to the Marxist thugs in the current administration.

  2. I personally witnessed a huge army of Halliburton invade a town I was doing work in for a year. Seems oil went over $80/barrel and we were off to the races. If that town of 20K had an additional 7K of roughnecks, I wouldn’t be surprised. All this means is my APPL will continue to grow, and that’s guuuud! (Nod to Jim Carrey)

  3. Thieving Bastards that do non-competitive contracts for the DoD at massive profit AND do business with our supposed enemies. When Dick Cheney was running it they would terminate employees on their DoD contracts if they even mentioned it.

    This company deserves Microsoft’s finest.

  4. I can’t believe Apple is soooo sick and demented that it would allow even one iPhone to be tested by Haliburton. So much for Apple’s integrity! Guess now Tim Cook is a sloven pig rolling around with the Haliburton pigs!

    Steve must be rolling in his grave over that turncoat Cook! I bet Steve Jobs would never, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER allow the almighty dollar to skew his moral judgement, his integrity, or his company’s reputation all over the chance to make a quick buck….

    Or would he?…

    1. Chris…exactly my thinking.
      Unlike Kunt above (whoops forgive the typo), Haliburton is an interesting American conundrum and I never understood how Americans could overlook its non-competitive ways and its connections to the family and other politicos that started the war against Iraq (and the obvious conflict of interest).

      1. “I never understood how Americans could overlook…”

        It’s very simple. All they, or any others like them, have to do is throw around a few emotional trigger words like ‘freedom’, ‘patriotism’, ‘god’ and ‘socialist’, and vast numbers of people will respond with, “That’s all OK, then.”

        1. So who is worse – Halliburton (with the things you imagine it did) or the Obama Administration – which intentionally gave guns to Mexican drug cartels in its Fast and Furious program and hundreds of innocent civilians were killed and a couple of US border agents. Intentional giving of weapons to drug cartels??? And you losers don’t even know this was a planned policy. Obama – the worst President in history.

            1. Fast and Furious killed innocent people. Ollie North did no suh thing. But you of course don’t know history – just talking points. Let me guess – Che Guevarra is a hero of yours. You probably have a shirt with his picture on it. And he killed thousands of innocent unarmed women and children. For fun. And the Left has made him an idol of theirs. Pathetic. Would that we had more Ollie Norths, and fewer Busters.

          1. OT! Politics ahoy!
            Obama – the worst President in history.

            Obama sure sucks! But what a laugh to have that entirely valid criticism of G.W. Bush turned around and applied to the DemoCrap who replaced him. That is nothing more than boring old ‘turn about’ propaganda with which we are already oh-so familiar from the Neo-Con-Job. Really? That’s how stooopid you want to appear in public? You can’t think for yourself?

            Please don’t pretend that the ReTardlicans have anything better to offer than the DemoCraps. Both parties are morally corrupt. Both parties require tipping off a cliff, to be replaced with actual REPRESENTATIVE parties that don’t lick Corporate Oligarchy butt.

  5. The important message here is they determined that the iOS platform offered the best capabilities, controls and security for application development over Android.

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