Avid packs a prosumer video editor into Apple’s iPad 2

“Avid is well-known for its chops as a maker of professional video editing suites, but on Thursday it grabbed some notice in consumer circles with a new offering for Apple’s iPad 2,” John P. Mello Jr. reports for MacNewsWorld.

Avid Studio, available from Apple’s App Store for a limited time at US$4.99, brings a solid set of video editing tools to the iPad,” Mello Jr. reports. “While Avid’s iPad app is powerful, it doesn’t have the muscle of Avid’s desktop app.”

Mello Jr. reports, “The iPad 2 doesn’t have a native video editor, but there is a version of iMovie [US$4.99] for it. That means Avid will be competing with Apple’s app on the slate, which may not be a problem for some iPad users, especially those who yearn to work in the old Storyboard/Timeline interface that was an integral part of older versions of iMovie.”

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    1. Wrong again! media consumption would require flash which has done more for the internet then the internet has done for itself. The film industry has a trend of using ‘apple boxes’ to make men of little stature appear as heros. Perhaps the same is true for iPad.

  1. I’ve created a number of on-the-spot videos with my iPhone using iMovie. Certainly it takes a little getting used to working in the small workspace but it’s an entirely capable little program. I’m excited to try out the Avid product. Unlike the desktop world, the risk of trying a new app on the iPad/iPhone is greatly reduced because of the extremely low prices.

  2. If MS could actually remember their own friggin’ name—MicroSOFT—they would actually be doing this kind of thing as well.
    Instead, they still have a pipe dream of owning the mobile space so that you have to buy their OS to use their apps.

    I’ve got to at least give Adobe and Avid some credit for finally going with the flow of reality. (Took them a while but at least they took off the arm floaties, let go of Momma’s hand and jumped in the river.)

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