German court suspends injunction; all iPad and iPhone models to return for online sale in Germany shortly

“A German court has suspended an injunction that prevented Apple from selling or distributing online certain devices believed to infringe certain Motorola Mobility patents,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

All iPad and iPhone models will be back on sale through Apple’s online store in Germany shortly. Apple appealed this ruling because Motorola repeatedly refuses to license this patent to Apple on reasonable terms, despite having declared it an industry standard patent seven years ago. – Apple spokesperson, February 3, 2012

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “GetMeOnTop” for the heads up.]

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  1. That was quick. Well played Tim Cook. Let everyone know that the judge said that they can’t have the world’s greatest products and devices and watch the people rise up and demand their Apple products.

  2. Apparently google forgot to remove the gun from Motorola’s holster before they started pulling the trigger.

    Actually they (moto) are lucky that the court suspended the injunction so quickly, if they hadn’t the legitimate (civil) damages to Apple could easily have been more than Moto makes in a quarter (or even in a year)
    They will still likely have triggered an EU investigation on the mis-use of FRAND declared patents.

  3. A poster on Slashdot explained why Samsung and Motorola are being such dicks regarding their FRAND patents.

    While it’s true that the FRAND status of the patent requires the owner to issue a license, companies that needed one of the patents would usually take an easier way out and enter into a cross-licensing agreement. So when Apple came out with the iPhone, Samsung and Motorola rubbed their hands and licked their chops in eager anticipation of all the juicy Apple patents they were about to gain access to.

    Well, Apple doesn’t work like that. They just said, “Nah, we’ll just pay for the license. We can afford it.”

    The rest of this has just been Samsung and Motorola stamping their feet like little kids throwing a tantrum, demanding access to Apple’s goodies, when they’re not entitled to them. In the end, they will be forced by the courts to issue Apple their license, and that will be the end of the story.


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