Steve Jobs’ ex-lieutenant Ron Johnson adds $1.5 billion to J.C. Penney in two days

“J.C. Penney (JCP), the fourth largest US department store chain, is undergoing a transformation and brought in Ron Johnson, the ex-chief of stores at Apple (AAPL), to revive its business,” Nigam Arora reports for Forbes.

“On Jan. 25, Johnson made the rounds and leaked his plan ahead of the big event on Jan. 26. J.C. Penney will in the future be known as jcpenney. There is a new logo to evoke the image of the American flag. The stores will have a number of small boutiques as opposed to rows of racks. Most importantly, J.C. Penney will introduce a simplified promotion and pricing structure,” Arora reports. “J.C. Penney also plans to cut a large number of jobs and save $900 million over the next two years.”

Arora reports, “In two days, the technique of leaking the plan the day before and withholding the information on increased guidance until the Analysts Day caused a massive short squeeze adding about $1.5 billion to the stock value of J.C. Penney.”

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    1. what, exactly, does that headline have to do with a former Apple employee now working for jcpenney?
      Unless its the unhealthy obsession Americans have with crowbarring political comments into totally inappropriate discussion’s.

  1. I found it interesting that the analysts were so confident in an ex Apple employee that because he spearheaded the changes they talked the stock up a billion dollars..,.

  2. Ron Johnson actually invested millions of dollars in company stock with a 6 year hold on their sale. Sounds to me like he’s in it for the long haul and the not the quick buck, although he will make millions more if he is successful. Will be interesting to see how his strategy works out over the coming years.

    See for more details.

  3. As a shareholder I was always impressed with Johnson. He had a lot to do with the Apple Stores and the Genius Bar and made the retail storefront an incredible money maker for APPLE all the shareholders. I wish him well at JCP

    1. No just catering to the mouth breathing nationalists who will overlook the fact that the company is cutting thousands of American jobs and importing more chinese crap. They will show up because it is new and hot, they will stay for the low prices. It is the self defeating “American Dream”..

  4. I hope he’s not responsible for that new commercial with all of the screaming women. It pisses me off to the point where I always change the channel. It really sucks.

  5. I think it was Red Skelton that joked about buying his suits from the famous French tailor, Jaques Pennay. J C Penny has been a forward thinking company for some time now. They were among the first corporations to extend employee benefits to same sex partners. The Penny store near me does seem to be overstaffed. Customer service is not as important to any retailer these days. A large staff is just not necessary any more. Sad but true.

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