Apple’s Siri gets multiple mentions on ‘Big Bang Theory’ (with video)

“Apple got more than a few endorsements this week after The Big Bang Theory made Siri a core part of an episode’s plot line,” Electronista reports.

“Raj gets an iPhone 4S and quickly falls in love with it, since it appears to respond to every romantic question he has,” Electronista reports. “It agrees to call him ‘sexy’ and suggests places to that he imagines being places for a date.”

Electronista reports, “The show writers did speed up the experience to make it work, but they took care to use commands that will genuinely work with Siri rather than making up commands to fit the plot. Things only go awry when Raj dreams that Siri is a real, beautiful woman and is at a loss when she offers herself to him.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


    1. Raj wasn’t at a loss. He can’t talk directly to women. These writers need to keep up with the story. I think Rajs dream put a permanent face of Siri for a lot of people. Ultra-hot redhead works for me.

  1. I never used to watch this show, but recently, at the recommendation of a customer, I’ve begun to.

    It really is quite funny.

    I really liked the one where it flashes back to the two dudes becoming room mates (sorry, don’t know their names), and they sign an agreement that if either of them discovers time travel, they agree to warp to five seconds into the future at that very spot… They both sign, wait expectingly, and then get disappointed looks on their faces when nothing happens! 🙂

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