Beleaguered Nokia’s earnings take 73% dive, Windows Phones fail to dent iPhone dominance

“Nokia reported a 73 percent fall in fourth-quarter earnings as sales of its new Windows Phones failed to dent the dominance of Apple’s iPhone or to compensate for diving sales of its own old smartphones,” Tarmo Virki reports for Reuters.

“The world’s largest cellphone maker by volume unveiled a major strategy shift to Microsoft software for its smartphones last February in an attempt to challenge Apple and Google’s Android. But Apple’s phones in particular have proved far more popular,” Virki reports. “Apple reported earlier this week sales of 37 million iPhones for the December quarter. Nokia has sold over 1 million Windows Phones since its launch in mid-November.”

Virki reports, “‘The report highlights that the start of the Windows strategy is slow, and we have very little concrete data to predict its success at this point,’ said analyst Michael Schroder from FIM Securities. ‘There are a lot of uncertainties. These are critical times for the future of the whole company. The next months will be extremely important.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]

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  1. Nokia are literally betting the company on Windows.

    If the Windows OS turns out to be a success on their phones, they might do OK, but if it fails, the company is finished.

  2. The ‘Lumia’ phones were released just in time for the big holiday sales push. While they came half way into the last fiscal quarter (Apple came out with 4S more than a month earlier), they were available for the ‘Black Friday’, ‘Cyber Monday’, as well as the rest of December shopping frenzy. So, while Apple unloaded 37 million of theirs, Nokia managed a whole… million! Let us not forget, even if only 5% of those 37 million were iPhone 3GS, that would mean that Nokia’s newest flagship smartphone was outsold by a 2-year old model from Apple…!

    I with Nokia (as well as Microsoft) best of luck with their new pact. From the looks of things, they’ll need a truckload of it….

  3. Were only having a cheap and reliable phone the present need, as it certainly was fifteen, even ten years ago, Nokia might still have a presence here in the US of A. I think I had about five or so, similar models, which was great for swapping out parts, especially those antennae which always broke off. But, the insanity of their OS and UI led me swiftly to other manufacturers. FWIW, I’ve always had a GSM phone.

  4. So there is ONE nokia phone available on one of the lower end providers in the US…. maybe actually selling their devices on all carriers and having more than one option might change things? I am a all Mac family, 4 Macs, 3 iPads, 2 iPhones, but when my son was ready for his first phone, he chose Windows phone….(cause he already had an iPad)

    The Windows Phone OS isn’t bad at all, quite good actually. If there had been a Nokia windows phone available I would have gotten that for him, the hardware is outstanding. Went for the Samsung and have no complaints at all about it.

    1. How is the Windows version of Siri working for your son …… As a guy at work has a Windows phone and we get some funny answers from it …..

      Makes us laugh but not very reliable ….. But then some of us like our potatoes half baked!

      1. 12 year olds don’t have much need for Siri. He can video call with me (over wifi and 3g) with Tango, which works pretty well. He can do many things with the xbox that you cannot with the iPhone, only thing missing is iMessage, but AT&T kinda forces you into unlimited texting (cause it includes free mobile to any mobile calling)

        It was his choice, I weighed the pro’s and con’s with him, explained that it was a two year commitment….. This was two months ago, he’s still happy with his choice. If he hadn’t already had an iPad, then he would have gone with an iPhone for sure.

        Not a bad phone at all. Especially for $.99. Samsung Focus Flash.

    2. If I was your son, I would run away from Home! That’s after I called 911 and reported you for child abuse. How could you subject your own son to Windows?? May he on day forgive you!

        1. I can see where Erk is coming from. When I got an iPad, my iPhone lost some of its appeal.

          And because smartphones and tablets don’t require the same investment in hardware and software as computers, it’s easier to be multiplatforn. I know lots of people with iPads and Android phones (or at least considering one).

      1. I’m an Apple fan, and even I can see you are a complete nut job. If you’d read his comment you would see his son chose the Windows Phone. No one forced it on him.

  5. Jeez, give Erk a break. Giving his 12 year old an iPad is not child abuse. The phone is only a comms device. Wife and I have an MBA, and iPod touch each as PDAs’. I use a crappy Nokia only as contact if wife and I split up on our monthly shopping trips. It stays off the rest of the time. When we move from our remote area to civilisation again, a new MBA for “Her indoors”, and a pair of iPhones are head of our list.
    But, it is a case of horses for courses really.

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