Why ‘post-PC’ is a far bigger threat to Microsoft than Mac or Linux ever was

“The winds of change are approaching, and Microsoft is embarking on what I believe to be its biggest challenge yet … the end of the road for the x86 architecture,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet.

“Microsoft’s success was based on the PC, and we’ve now entered what is most definitely a ‘post-PC’ era,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “One surefire indicator that we are now in a post PC era is what buyers look for in a device. Those old metrics such as GHz and GB (or even for some, the physical size of the system) have given way to new metrics such as weight and battery life. ‘Post-PC’ has in many ways made the personal computer even more personal.”

Kingsley-Hughes writes, “This shift to ‘post-PC’ is dangerous for Microsoft. It’s dangerous because it’s a big transition. Windows is very much a PC product, and much of what makes Windows what it is simply won’t carry forward to ‘post-PC’ devices… I know a lot of people who have considered making a switch from Windows, but one of the things that keeps them on the platform is that they know and are comfortable with the way the operation system works. Well, like it or not, these people are going to have to learn something new, and if they’re having to learn something new, why stick with Windows?”

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MacDailyNews Take: The winds of change are approaching and Microsoft doesn’t even have a mast, much less a sail.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. The deals Microsoft has with other companies
    and the plans and ways to compete do not NEED to be
    head to head with APPLE by offering a iPhone copy…
    they can do damage is a totally different arena.

    I am not saying they will or shall win – I am saying they are far more deviant and secretive on a plan to de-rail or (fight back on) Apple in other ways – SUCCESS of their PHONE or WINDOWS 8 is not so much a fear – as people abandoning WINDOWS all together.

    They will use Android to leverage their presence and continue deals and buyout technologies – like a great wall to defend this idea of choice.

    1. I agree. Look at how Microsoft has companies paying them a royalty for using Android software. ?????? Its like buying a Ford and then paying GM cause your Ford has tires and a steering wheel.

      the world is a crazy place. 🙁

      1. There is nothing “crazy” about inking royalty deals with companies that are infringing on your patented intellectual property.

        Phone makers who choose to use Android, which stole patented IP from Microsoft, among others (Apple, Oracle) owe Microsoft a royalty.

        It’s like buying a Ford and then paying GM cause your Ford has GM’s patented IP built into it.

        1. if so – why is MICROSOFT the only ones inking deals…
          why cause the fear most in this POST-PC time
          they are struggling to hold on.

          AND if so true APPLE should be also reaping in the money from both using its IP – after all SAMSUNG stabbed APPLE in the back while partnering the iPhone production. TOTALLY insane business practices.

          1. hey – please explain… i must be on something… definitely misunderstanding you – not to be a bother here – just wondering…

            “Phone makers who choose to use Android, which stole patented IP from Microsoft, among others (Apple, Oracle) owe Microsoft a royalty.”

            APPLE and Oracle STOLE IP from Microsoft? No… and yes – if Apple has use of any Micorsoft technology in iOS — or the iPhone hardware — APPLE does pays Microsoft – yeah ok agreed good… if any – is there evidence of that?

            Understood that Apple inked deals to use certain technologies in iPhone and iPad and do pay user fees and licensing – of coarse… right thats what you mean…. ahh okay

            But Apple is not COLLECTING royalties from ANDROID – no way and whereas that evidence if so — and would that not violate the lawsuits Apple — one would think?

            1. Hmmm, Ballmer, is that you again??? Out of chairs already??LOL
              “Phone makers who choose to use Android, which stole patented IP from Microsoft, among others (Apple, Oracle) owe Microsoft a royalty.””

              And just what proof do you have that Microsoft actually has valid patents. Microsoft says it does but will not present them unless it goes to court… Sounds like a game of used car dealer poker. Who can bluster the most with nothing in his hand.

              Plus we know Microsoft has a habit of lying, posturing and bullying (see details of government law suit) to get its way, legal or not.

              So, Mr. Ballmer, please take a breath and go back to throwing chairs. I hear the delivery truck now. 🙂

        2. no – its not like:
          buying FORD and paying GM because some patented IP was included – consumers are not paying the companies the licensing agreement to use the technologies housed in the product… nor is it like My FORD having 4 wheels and looking and functions as all cars do…

          its an open sourced DROID os – right – GOOGLE should be the ones to pay Microsoft for including code of things inside the OS — and definitely NOT Microsoft chasing after the assembler to ink deals

          the HIT HERE is defined as ANDROID License – SO the REAL issue here is where is the TRANSPARENCY of Google’s Android system – whats under the hood – EXPOSE the truth – what all has been stolen or what has been bought or licensed within.

          1st 2010 and then 2012 — if you know something we all are unaware of – do please educate – waist and waste are simple typos and honest errors and very appreciated — but I am so glad to have a professor proof reading my garbage.. tanks

  2. Well they have a rudder, and it’s tied down as Microship heads into the teeth of the storm. And if they pull through there’s a narrow part guarded by Scylla and Charybdis. After that the hull starts scraping something solid, running aground. It joins the pile of ruined vessels in the Bermuda Triangle. Course, the Win mob is telling the tale as happening over a span of decades; fine enough for them, screw the future.

  3. Micorsofts way of working is to NOT to innovate – thats a waist of effort – BUT – to acquiring a company to control and own their technologies – now hey — its not about partnerships – thats Microsoft way to wage war.

    so long they can sell a few things to stay a float

  4. Ballmer is a cruise ship captain taking the SS MS close to the coast so he can show off. Windows 8 everywhere!!!!! Who-hoo, blow the friggin horn first mate. Captain Ballmer, the collision avoidance system has blue-screened. First mate, don’t worry, Windows has always pulled us thru. Crunch!!!! First mate, I’m going to supervise the MS evacuation from the Partners lifeboat. Captain Blammer, you-a must-a return to the SS MS and take account of the collapsing ecosystem.

  5. The people most comfortable with the way the operating system works are the least competent, slowest learning members of the workforce. In these days of cost-cutting, these are the ones who should be first in line for pink slips.

    The ability to multi-platform ought to be a basic requirement of any tech employee – expect maybe for a low level Dell salesman.

  6. The average citizen today doesn’t want a “PC”. They want email & web browser stuff with image and video. Screw the rest of what the “PC” can do.

    If MS did not establish a new secret project to compete with iPhone in 2007 to allow the move to miniaturized devices with a new OS for the next 20 years, they are dead, given the 4+ years in between.

    Making up for a 4 year loss in time with Apple is going to be very very tough. Nothing printed to date convinces me Microsoft is going to make a comeback.

    I’ll use what “PCs” I must for work, but the iPad can handle the rest of the common average every day tasks.

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