Apple files new lawsuits, seeks bans on Samsung phones, tablets in Germany

“Apple Inc. filed another suit in Germany, seeking to ban sales of Samsung Electronics Co.’s smartphone models, including the Galaxy S Plus and the S II,” Roger Cheng reports for CNET.

“The suit targeting 10 smartphones was filed in the Dusseldorf Regional Court and is based on Apple design rights Apple in Europe, court spokesman Peter Schuetz said via phone today,” Cheng reports. “Apple also started a separate suit against five Samsung tablet computer models related to a September ruling banning the Galaxy 10.1., he said.”

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  1. It seems Apple is having a hard time getting rulings in their favor. If this continues, they will just have to keep innovating, and creating insanely great products. I don’t know if this trend is be indicative of the perversity of the legal system, or the nature of technology patents. At least this ‘contest’ is not politics, where nothing seems to get done – tech still moves forward.

  2. Pathetic Apple. Just give it a rest and concentrate on making better products instead of throwing money at frivolous lawsuits.

    I have a Samsung phone and it’s great. Apple’s tactics are clearly born from fear of healthy competition.

    1. I’m glad you think that Samsung phone is great. Apple isn’t concerned about the competition. It is concerned about the thirds that market their wares based completely in Apples design. January 2007 was a fundamental shift in phone design. The only problem was that this was completely done by Apple. How do you think Samasungs phones looked at that time. Think Blackjack. Which incidentally was a complete rip off of the motorola Q. Samsung has been a copier for a long time. Why should Apple innovate? So, their designs can be stolen only to then not be afforded with protection once that happens. Pretty crappy legal system if you ask me. Have your ideas completely ripped off with zero ability for recourse.

    2. you are ill informed
      yeah your android phone works
      and yeah it looks good too
      but history of Mac and Windows is being repeated here – iOs and Droid and it’s not real competition – furthermore the money spent goes overseas to build a nation – Korea …. best keep US dollars to Americans. Same policy other immigrants do when living in the US – to send home the paycheck and buy items and food from the home country. This method robs America you essentially are allowing it (America) to be raped and slaughtered. Yes – you are agreeing to coming to market with copycat products – innovation and leadership nolonger worth being first. And you cater to the stolen goods for what you believe is healthy competition.
      I agree Android seems be working fairly well… But I don’t believe it to be healthy competition. Nor was microsoft vs apple.

  3. I scratch my head when I read posts from whiners who think Apple should just drop it. They can’t. Don’t these idiots understand that the moment Apple stops fighting tooth-and-nail in court, it’s open season on copying anything and everything Apple has ever produced?


    1. Its been open season on Apple since the criminal Bill Gates got away with stealing the Mac UI and make billions in illegial profits.

      He now is celebrated as the great philanthropist, the jackal, who never invented a thing in his life, but instead brought us decades of tech stagnation and hundreds of cyber criminal gangs.

    1. Lee, care to expound on your superficial schoolyard comments, it’s hard to form a rebuttal when the evidence provided isn’t lucid.

      You’re no better than the people you accuse.

  4. Like it or not kids, suing the hell out of imitators is part of the COMPETITION between companies.

    Having said that, however, we all know damned well that the patenting system, certainly in the USA, is a catastrophic disaster. The maelstrom of patent lawsuits going on lies significantly upon the shoulders of the US Patent Office and its bumbling. The place needs a thorough overhaul and adequate funding.

    And of course my usual assertion to Samsung:

    Please Samesung: Buy RIM. Screw yourselves over some more.

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