Apple plans iPad 3 special media event for early February, say sources

According to an Asian supplier and a source in United States, Apple is reportedly prepping to hold a Special Media Event in early February, Macotakara reports.

Because the Chinese factory will be celebrating the New Year holiday, the new product is planned to be released in”early March,” Macotakara reports.

Apple held a Special Media Event for iPad 2 on March 2nd and then released iOS 4.3 and iPad 2 on March 11th last year, Macotakara reminds.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. iPad3
    shall the new MBAir and the new iPad be one and the same – introducing a pro level iPad running OSX Lion rather then iOS????

    Sounds likely for Apple to once again
    think different.

    The integration of launchpad and other obvious methodologies in osx functionality are pointing to this evolution – so a surprise could be seen very soon.

    Looking at sales and the markets position for MBair or Laptops in general… iPads do what 90% of users need. Browse, email, text, research, and simple files creation. This places Apples own line of laptops in a questionable light for the company to also reconsider what to do.

    It’s possible.

  2. The iPad will always run iOS — their touch OS. Apple will not put Mac OSX on the iPad — it goes against everything they’re about.

    The iPad announcement will be mid-March. iPad 2 stays, new price $399 (for all the back-to-school textbook replacers). iPad 3 wifi ships in late March. iPad 3 4G LTE ships late April.

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