Would you feel secure connecting Windows PCs and Android phones with ‘AcerCloud?’

“Two days before the official start of CES, Acer held a press conference in Las Vegas where it announced its AcerCloud service to connect Acer PCs to Android devices and other PCs via the net,” Larry Magid reports for Forbes.

“The service includes a photo sync for Android phones (no iOS support),” Magid reports. “Take a picture with a phone and it’s automatically synced to an Acer PC, similar to the way Apple’s iCloud syncs photos between iOS devices and Macs and PCs.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: If your answer to our headline is “yes,” you’re exactly the reason why African princes choose to conduct their international banking transactions using random individuals contacted via bulk email.

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  1. Their service excludes iOS devices, but iCloud works with PCs.

    Remember when the argument was that Apple was incompatible?

    It seems that Apple is the only one these days doing anything to ensure compatibility with the rest of the world!

    1. Yeah, iCloud works with 10 year old Windows XP, but not with Macs with Snow Leopard that are only a year old.

      And don’t give me crap about upgrading to Lion – it has limitations I won’t live with.

    1. i think the Nigerian scam involves a government bureaucrat or official. First time heard an African prince is involved. Though just to be fair to MDN, there was one scam claiming to be a relative of the president of Nigeria but not sure if there was a royal title involved.

  2. Acer’s John Princen tried to show off the ability to play a music file from an Android phone and listen to it on an Acer PC.

    And this has what to do with “cloud” processing, exactly? That sounds more like a rip-off of Airplay.


  3. Acer’s been playing the “just like a Mac” card for ages. The reps near here tell gullible buyers they can install Mac OSX on their Acers (Hackintosh) and it’ “will be a Mac”. They dishonestly leverage the widespread rumour that Macs are simply overpriced to dissuade switchers. I’ve had to bear the bad news to a few buyers who asked me to show them how to use their “new Mac”, only to trot out an Acer with Mac OSX loaded onto a partition.

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