“The number of malicious apps mobile security firm Lookout has identified in less than six months has doubled to 1,000, according to a report from Lookout,” Elinor Mills reports for CNET. “The vast majority of those dubious apps are found on third-party app stores and alternatives to the official Android Market, the company said.”

“Lookout also has detected a rise in the amount of what it calls “mobile pickpocketing,” apps and malware that surreptitiously charge fees to the phone owner, including GGTracker, which signs phones up for premium text message subscription services without the owner’s knowledge,” Mills reports. “There’s also the RuFraud apps that pose as free versions of wallpaper or popular games but hide terms of service that allow the developers to sign the phones up for expensive SMS rates.”

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BBC NEws reports, “Google has removed 22 applications from its Android Market after they were discovered to contain fraudulent software. Apps posing as popular third-party software such as Angry Birds tricked users into sending premium text messages.”

“Unlike some other app services, Android Market apps are not vetted prior to being added to the store,” The Beeb reports. “Lookout, a mobile security company based in San Francisco, believes the fraud attempt originated from Russia. After notifying Google of the 22 affected apps, Lookout said it then identified five more apps running the so-called ‘RuFraud’ scam.”

The Beeb reports, “The scam would make a user believe they were about to download a game or program, but instead they were giving the phone ‘permission’ to send a text message costing about £3.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David Andrews” for the heads up.]

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