Worst Tech CEOs: #3 Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer

“Glassdoor.com has put together its yearly ‘Tech Industry Report Card’ for technology CEOs, the results of which are based on ratings given to that company’s CEOs by employees,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for ZDNet.

“Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer took the #3 [worst] spot, with an employee approval rating of only 35%, down from 49% only a year ago. He was only 7 percentage points away from the bottom,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “By comparison, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was rated at 96%.”

Kingsley-Hughes reports, “So who was voted worse than Ballmer? In the #2 [worst] spot was Yahoo’s CEO Timothy Morse with a rating of 31%, while Xerox’s Ursula Burns took the #1 [worst] spot with a miserable 28%.”

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MacDailyNews Take: May he continue his “strategy” for as long as it takes.

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We like it. We like it a lot.


    1. Yes the race to the bottom of the barrel in competency, vision, and leadership has never been rewarded so well. People paid in those positions get an inflated idea of their worth to the rest of us mere mortals when in reality just about anybody else could do as good if not better job. Who ever said Ballmer could run a company like Microsoft? If he hadn’t met Gates he’d be a mediocre Middle Manager somewhere or Used Car Salesman toiling away in anonymity and equally as much hated.

  1. I don’t think Steve Ballmer is a bad CEO or bad for Microsft. I think he is a great man, funny too. He may not have taken over the world like Apple but he have maintained Window’s and Office’s dominance. Microsft is a big company and they don’t have the margins like Apple so it takes allot to move the needle. I think people are unfair to Steve Ballmer. Bing is going well, windows phone is coming. They may not be as cool as Ape but they got money to back up what they do. Look at Xbox. Something that I personally a few years ago thought was a BIG failure. I don’t like it, personally I hate consoles but Xbox is really a big force now in the gaming space.

    1. You’re absolutely right! In fact it should be made clear to all msft employees, board members, and stockholders these silly polls are meaningless. Never mind he missed search, music, retail, smartphones, usable tablets, or that XBox is nowhere close to breaking even (and likely never will), Ballmer is doing a fantastic job and there should be no mention of replacing him. Ever! Or at least as long as it takes.

    2. I have to point out that Microsoft actually has outrageous margins on their software (Windows, Office, etc.) which you acknowledge to be their primary focus. Microsoft’s ttm profit margin is ~33%, whereas Apple’s is ~23%.

  2. One day we may look back, wistfully, upon MicroSoft’s “Monkey Boy” years and wish he was there FOREVER!!

    Do another dance … won’tcha please … Uncle Steve?

    (I think Jane Goodall discovered him, which also explains why Windows8 is built to look like blocks.)

    Long may he reign!

  3. We love to blame it all on Mr. Ballmer, but Microsoft has gotten themselves into a tough spot. They make a ton of money on Windows and Office, which is basically their whole source of revenue. These products do not transition well into the post-PC era. NO ONE is going to buy Office for their iPad for $385 and NO ONE is going to put up with a virus-laden operating system on an easy-to-use tablet.

    They really have very few options. They can’t abandon their cash cows to move to the future or they lose all their income. So, how exactly would ANYONE move this behemoth forward? It is a tough problem.

  4. Hurry up. Bolt those chairs down to the floor. Otherwise DonkeyKong will throw another round of flying chairs.

    Other than that : Microsoft, PLEASE. Don’t listen. Steve Ballmer its the best CEO MS ever had. May it last as long it takes. Keep him forever.

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