The year of the iPad 3 has begun – with no iPad 3 yet

“It’s 2012, the year the iPad 3 is due to arrive, with a “Retina Display” class screen and Siri’s dulcet tones, possibly on Steve Jobs’ birthday, possibly in 9.7-inch and 7.85-inch sizes and hopefully much better cameras,” Alex Zaharov-Reutt writes for iTWire. “While it is most unlikely, it would be an Asimov fan’s version of sci-fi heaven if Steve Jobs arrived, Hari Seldon-like, to deliver a message via video at the iPad 3 launch, and potentially an Apple fan’s version of launch heaven too.”

Zaharov-Reutt writes, “The iPad 3 is where all the hottest tablet action is still expected to be, especially as it will launch globally months before Windows 8 tablets are at retail, and given that much of its development would have still taken place with Steve Jobs at the helm, it will undoubtedly be received with an even greater fervour than seen previously.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. And if pigs had wings they might fly.

    MDN, enough with these fantastic, deranged rumors. Stick with the news! Like Mac Daily NEWS? iPod, iPhone, iPad are OK.

    I realize things are still a little slow post holiday, but please, enough with the crackpot rumors!

      1. And I echo that MDN. More real news and less rumors and stuff that excites the fanboys. There are actually a few adults that check this site. We’re not all living in mom’s basement playing video games.

        1. You can be a fanboy and anticipate future Apple product releases without being juvenile. Your post is highly condescending and supercilious.

          That said, there was a lot of unsubstantiated rumor filler on this forum in 2011. As mature adult, however, you can choose to skip that content. With great cognitive power comes great responsibility.

          Personally, I believe this forum would benefit more from the elimination of the extremist political commentary. Despite MDN’s repeated rejection of the idea, I still believe that only registered identities should be allowed to post comments.

    1. If MDN listened to all of you twits, the only thing they would have would be Apple’s press releases. If certain articles aren’t to your liking then don’t read them, and don’t post your whiny views on them. Idiots.

      1. Mr. R. Mongor………..(or maybe Ms.)
        …all of you twits…
        …don’t post your whiny views…

        Now there’s somebody who addresses fellow Apple enthusiasts as a real thinker, possibly sitting in Mom’s basement

      2. First of all, it is ‘rumormonger’ – one word, and ‘-er’ at the end. Second, while you have a point regarding the ability to skip uninteresting content, it does clutter things up. Third, I doubt that you merit the authority to name call to a large audience.

  2. A 7.85″ iPad would provide 65.5% of the display are of the current 9.7″ iPad. At the same 1024×768 pixels as the current iPad 2, the text and icons of existing iPad apps would shrink by approximately 19% in linear dimension. I believe that it would be quite usable and useful.

    I believe that Apple will eventually release a smaller iPad and, possibly, even larger ones – perhaps using something similar to the 11.6″ and 13.3″ screen dimensions of the Macbook Air (but with an appropriate 3:2 aspect ratio to maintain backwards compatibility). I suspect that Apple will make these moves within the next couple of years to capitalize on and help sustain Apple’s dominance in tablets. That’s just a guess on my part, but I have a better track record that most technology pundits.

  3. No smaller iPad, but a larger iPod touch might be possible. This would help to position all 7 inch devices as iPod–like devices, not full-functioning iPads. Prices could be kept lower by using iPod touch type of casing, displays, less powerful processors (A5 likely; though better than current A4, not A6) etc.

    1. I like it. This forces IDC and Gartner and others, to either include all iPod touches as tablets, or as you say, all 7″ devices as part of the iPhone and iPod touch category. Either way, Apple wins.

    2. I have heard this before – not a smaller iPad, but a larger iPod touch. What does this mean? What is the difference between a 7″ iPod touch and a 7″ iPad? I don’t believe that Apple can reduce the price of a device very much through the CPU selection – that is a relatively small cost item. Less memory is a possibility. Casing change? Unless Apple goes to injection molded plastic, I don’t see much savings there. And I don’t believe Apple will cheapen such a unit by going with a low-end display.

      Apple makes different size iMacs, Macbook Pros, and Macbook Airs as well as a family of iPods. I believe that Apple will eventually expand its iPad offerings. As with everything else Apple it will happen in its own good time. If I am wrong, then it really won’t make that much difference.

  4. Slow news day/week. Alex Zaharov-Reutt met his weekly quota without saying anything new. He can take the rest of the week off, lucky bastard! Nice job if you can get it.

  5. Hari Seldon references are such a joy. As a kid I survived on Asimov and sic-fi. It didn’t matter how insane the world was…in truth the future was going to happen.
    I waited until the iPod 3 to get one to and now have waited ’til the iPod 3. Can’t wait.
    In all the darkness that was the world after Seldon, there was the plan…the hidden life that kept tech alive.
    Ahhh, I won’t grow up;, I won’t go to to school, but I will get the iPad 3.

  6. My “fearless” 2012 iPad2/3 predictions:

    On February 24th Apple will introduce the iPad3. It will have a Quad-core Ax processor, full HD IGZO (retina) display, improved battery and Siri. It will be the same size and weight as the iPad2. The price points will be the same as the iPad2:
    iPad3 $499 16gb WiFi only
    iPad3 $599 32gb WiFi only
    iPad3 $699 64gb WiFi only
    iPad3 $629 16gb Universal 3G/WiFi
    iPad3 $729 32gb Universal 3G/WiFi
    iPad3 $829 64gb Universal 3G/WiFi

    iPad2 will continue “as is” but with less storage and new price points:
    iPad2 $249 8gb WiFi only
    iPad2 $299 16gb WiFi only
    iPad2 $349 8gb 3G/Wifi (separate GSM/CMDA models)
    iPad2 $399 16gb 3G/WiFi (separate GSM/CMDA models)

    If Apple does this they will raise a formidable price/performance bar for all competing tablets.

    1. You may be right. Your price points for the iPad 2 are very aggressive. Your RAM reduction idea has merit (although Apple has economy of scale pricing on that commodity), but I don’t see Apple going to $249 for an iPad 2 even with reduced RAM. If Apple’s gross margin on an iPad 2 is 40%, that would represent $300 cost out of $499 price for the base model. Sacrificing margin and, possibly, reducing the RAM might enable a price as low as $349 for a base model iPad 2, but I don’t see it going any lower than that, even for just 8GB. If the iPad 3 provides a significant upgrade in functionality and performance, as expected, then an iPad 2 would probably need to be about $150 less than an iPad 3 to attract a lot of buyers. But I am no expert – those are just guesses on my part.

  7. I don’t care, both me and my wife are getting iPad 3s. I want the Pro model and she is fine with the entry level. The 2 is going to my sister in law and the 1 is just being used as a monitor for my security system.

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