Now Samsung’s slavishly copying Apple’s iPad television ads (with videos)

Samsung’s “newest Korean ad, however, seems to take cues from Apple’s own advertising style, focusing on a more emotional connection with the viewer,” Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors. “The ad depicts a father and daughter playing with a Galaxy Tab in a sequence of shots reminiscent of Apple’s own iPad ads. The voice over says (rough translation): ‘You try to have fun with me, you try to win against me, you ask me millions of questions, you sit on my lap, you want to stay beside me all the time, strangely, when I stay with you time passes very quickly. This is a precious time.'”

“Apple’s own ads have long followed a similar style, focusing on experience than specs: We’ll Always, Love, and Learn,” Kim reports. “While Apple doesn’t have an exclusive claim to this style of ad, it’s just shows how Samsung is trying to position their products comparably to Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A stolen product marketed with a stolen ad. Samsung knows no shame.

Regardless of glacial and fallible courts and judges, we consumers can swiftly exact a measure of justice on our own:

Boycott Samsung. We no longer buy Samsung-branded products and advise our millions of readers worldwide to also avoid purchasing Samsung-branded products until they cease stealing Apple’s patented IP.

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Andrew W.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Un Fckin’ BELIEVABLE. There is no justice in this world anymore. We as Americans wonder why this nation is in it current state of disarray? China runs it DUH. No wonder China laughs @ America. It’s A JOKE!

    1. The only saving grace, is the fact that AAPL is an American icon that has left a legacy that will forever be remembered as American innovation due to the wonderful quarks of one aka. Steven Paul Jobs. Born in America.

        1. Nintendo, a Japanese (and thus, obviously, Asian) technology company, are world-renowned for bucking tends, innovating, and changing the market. Not every company in the vast continent that is Asia operates like Samsung.

    2. Most white cannot differentiate Asians and they usually identify all bad things to China and Chinese. One more time, Samsung is own by Koreans!!

      Other than Samsung copying from Apple, what about Hyundai copying from Mercedes Benz and Honda?

      1. Every car company in the world has at some time copied from another you dumbass.

        And lets not forget, Apple ripped off the entire i-Product naming system.

        iAudio CW100 mp3 player came out a full year before the iPod. Then Apple has the gall to call them copycat. That is Apple.

  2. It’s a shame I bought my Samsung TV over a year ago before I realized how shitty a company they were (for copying everything). I can honestly say, Samsung will not see another *direct* dollar from me. Sadly, they still get my money anyway, as long as Apple still uses them for some parts.

    1. Not only that…
      They are worse than you know. Bought a large screen tv from them and 1 year and 20 days it dies. Called the local tech people and they came out and found the problem and even had the specific small single parts that they needed….. strangely. How did they know….

      Turns out that Samsung used 10 volt caps in a 15 volt ps. They overheated and died one year into use. THe repair guy had the exact same caps but in 25 volt level. Good to go. $275 for the 1 hour visit. He knew that they used substandard parts. I called Samsung and they just gave me the run around and then stopped answering the phone. Never buying from them again. Bad design or mfging, either way,,,,, they knew there was a problem and did not care to fix.

      Crappy customer service…. er wait….. NO CUSTOMER service.

      Just a thought

  3. Car makers, among others, have copied each other for years.

    It was inevitable that the competition wake up and copy the leader. It’s no longer speeds & feeds.

    Since Apple was the first, it is possible that people we see the Samsung ad and think it’s an Apple ad. So maybe there is justice after all.

      1. then whats the point of the boycott if your only boycotting half of the company, its like in montgomery and they only boycotted half of the bus routes, say the ones that inconvenienced them less, it would have been a failed boycott, just like your failed boycott of samsung. sometimes you isheep crack me up

    1. After dealing with Asian companies for the better part of my career, I think I can offer you an explanation.

      In Korea, and most Asian countries, they associate Caucasin with “higher class”, “desirable”, “better quality”, “expensive” … etc and that’s why you will see tons of Caucasin (& some well known American movie stars) in ads shown in Asia.

      In China, Chinese companies are known to hire Caucasin off the street and appear in their corporate function just to make their companies more appealing and desirable.

      1. That is so darn funny. Speaks volumes for them. Inferior, that their own race is not good enough for money? They should use rich popular asians for their ad’s instead. Where are their brain cells?

      2. Yea he is right. Koreans love to die their hair colors like caucasians and try to keep their skin light when possible by avoiding extended periods in the sun or using umbrellas to block the sun.

        Now this about this. If white/ lighter skin is seen as higher class and desirable what does that mean for black/ darker skin?

        1. just a little fun fact, it the Philippines light skin is associated with the high class and dark skin is associated with the lower class because they would spend most of the day out in the fields picking rice or tending their livestock, so women like to keep to their skin light to appear of a higher class

  4. Samsung is run by bunch of flat-face Koreans . Samsung has no shame by constantly copying Apple products’ design, and, now, Apple’s ad too.

    It’s time for all of us to take matter to our own hands by boycott Samsung products.

    Hey Samsung, you are bunch of flat-face asshole and I truely hope that North Korea will target bomb the shit out of Samsung HQ and kill every single Samsung employee and executive.

    1. “Flat-faced”??

      Wow — it’s nice that racists don’t feel intimidated these days. Just come right and tell us how you REALLY feel!

      Hey, I’m no fan of their corporate strategy, but wishing all their employees dead? Nice.

    2. iRacist-jerkoff says:

      I hate all you slightly different skin toned monkeys, all you differently facial featured having smelly baboons, and all you living in other parts of the world and different religion practicing apes!

      Now excuse me, I need to go down to the dry cleaner to pick up my sheets from some slant eyed flat faces.

  5. yeah, it’s a weak knock-off of Apple’s ads. and just like Samsung’s Galaxy it has a real plastic feel too. herky-jerky scene cuts and obviously feigned exaggerated emotions.

    Apple’s ads are certainly all staged too. but they’re smooth, peaceful even. the actors look real, and the kids’ reactions look genuine.

    it’s top notch pro work vs. second-rate wannabes. that’s the story of Apple vs. Samsung.

  6. Even the kid under the blanket, jeez!

    Saw a newspaper ad for Samsung TVs, with a mock-up screen image of an orange and white clownfish amidst green anemone. You know, like the default on the very first iPhone.

    Thermonuclear war is the only appropriate response.

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