British Prime Minister to run the country with the help of a personalized iPad app

“British Prime Minister David Cameron is having a personalized iPad app built by programmers inside the Cabinet Office that will provide him with the latest information he needs to run the country, The Telegraph reports,” Killian Bell reports for Cult of Mac.

“The app, which was inspired by advisers after a trip to the U.S., will compile real-time information like NHS waiting-list figures, crime statistics, unemployments numbers, and more all in one place,” Bell reports. “David Cameron famously uses an iPad — like U.S. President Barrack Obama — to keep abreast of the day’s news, and tune into his favorite radio programs, the report says.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]


  1. Probably the iHatchet app for $1.99. Lets you cut government aid and services for middle class British citizens, squeezing them while all the wealth continues to transfer upward.

    Fat Cat Romney will be using the same app should he win the 2012 election.

  2. Sounds like nothing more than Microstrategy or one of its competitors.

    And it would take more than an iPad to help Cameron: it’s just a piece of hardware with – at best – well-written software: it’s not bloody magic.

    That’s not to say anything against Cameron. He is a bit of knob, but he’s no better or worse than any of the alternatives.

    1. ‘built by programmers inside the Cabinet Office’?? In other words it will cost £500 million of taxpayers money, be delivered late if at all, and if it does, will work like an upside down half-baked Microsoft product and look like an Excel presentation.

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