Apple reportedly closes Anobit deal for $400-$500 million

“Apple has reportedly closed on a deal for Anobit, an Israeli company that makes flash memory technology,” Peter Kafka reports for AllThingsD.

“A newspaper report places the deal in the $400 million to $500 million range,” Kafka reports.

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Robin Harris reports ZDNet, “Anobit’s expertise – they’ve applied for over 60 patents – is readily transferable to whatever next-gen technology overtakes flash. This acquisition is a long-term bet on the importance of cheap, fast and reliable solid-state storage for keeping Apple on the leading edge.”

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Reuters reports, “In addition to the acquisition, Apple will also open a research and development centre in Israel, its first outside the United States, Calcalist said.”

“Anobit has developed a chip that enhances flash drive performance through signal processing. The chip is already incorporated in Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and the MacBook Air,” Reuters reports. “Last week, Calcalist said Apple was interested in Anobit’s technology to increase and enhance the memory volume and performance of its devices. The chip may as much as double the memory volume in the new iPads and MacBooks.”

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  1. Still waiting to see what these purchases and deals eventually become. I mean, we’ve yet to see liquidmetal being used and here’s more tech that will be Apple specific.

    1. I just happen to be using Apple’s liquidmetal technology right now. They’ve already shipped tens of millions of units (maybe not the sexy products we’ll see down the road — but it’s something).

  2. Maybe this is part of the strategy to go ‘thermonuclear’ … first Israeli flash memory and an Israeli R&D center … then when they run into legal roadblocks in getting their Intellectual Property protected by the various international courts, they get the Mossad to assist. 🙂

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