5 big Apple releases to expect in 2012

“After years of consecutive record-breaking quarters, it seems a bit like pointing at the moon to say that Apple is going to have a successful 2012,” Anthony John Agnello writes for InvestorPlace via TheStreet. “Consumer excitement for the company’s products remains high. Wall Street remains rapt by the company as well. Despite a few months of wiggling, it’s not unrealistic to think AAPL shares could very well hit $500.”

“2012 will not be another year of merely refinement,” Agnello writes. “Much as 2010 was marked by the release of bold new releases — particularly the original iPad — next year will see Apple release a number of new devices sure to capture the attention of excited consumers.”

Here are five big Apple releases to expect in 2012:
• Apple HDTV
• Apple Motion Control
• Touchscreen Mac, MacBook Air
• iPhone 5
• iPad 3, ‘iPad mini’

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  1. AAPL’s emphasis on AI and nanotechnology should increasingly produce “intelligent” products that further shroud the OS.

    Still too early for a robot, but the next SIRIphone will be a step in that direction.

      1. I agree with the 2 iPads and a hinge idea. Apple already has a patent on it. I’d buy one in a second if they can figure out how to get rid of the line in the center and make it one big seamless screen in landscape, and keyboard and monitor in portrait.
        Has anyone come up with an app to do this with 2 iPads? I’m pretty sure you can remote in, but can you actually split duties like a DS?

      2. personal opinion–if the 7.x screen size is more than a rumor, why couldn’t it be for a “portable/viewable” AppleTV that would connect to large (full size) TV set when desired?

  2. I’m going to take the next two weeks off from work just so I can spam the reload page button as I eagerly await a reply indicating what year Apple has ever been dumb enough to launch 5 brand new/completely overhauled products.

  3. These clueless Wall Street psychics can’t see past what Apple has already done. They still can’t see the next “Just one more thing” and only talk about what Apple is doing or done. No vision. None!

    What is the next market that Apple will choose to reshape and dominate? What’s Apple’s next “Just one more thing”?

    Until they come to grips with the fact that Apple did not die with Steve Jobs. His hand picked innovative team is hard at work trying to honor Steve’s visions of where Apple is going. Apple’s next “Just one more thing” will blow them away!

    1. The last time I checked, iWorks was software and rarely has it been classified as “just one more thing”.

      As for the “list” – the denizens of the obvious have no vision. Which is apropos for a collective group who has serious cases of hyperrectalcranialosis – unless they have windows installed in their stomachs.

      I call this an early attempt at shorting.


  4. Obviously, the iPhone 5 will come true, though I bet they name it iPhone 4G, since it will be LTE. iPad 3 is obvious too. The others? I doubt it. Apple only introduces products it can make a high margin on. None of those qualify.

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