Apple iPhone 4S’s Siri now lets you shop entire Best Buy inventory

“When it comes to Siri innovation, it’s not just about work at Apple’s end,” Erica Sadun reports for TUAW.

“Today, Wolfram Alpha introduced new shopping features built around Best Buy’s public APIs,” Sadun reports. “You can now use Siri queries to browse upwards of 35 thousand appliance and home computer products.”

Sadun reports, “You can say ‘Wolfram, tablet computers,’ ‘Wolfram, LG washing machines’ or ‘Wolfram, iPhone 4S’ and Siri returns price information. For individual models, you’ll also find product images, specs, and features.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Nail by nail.

Google’s going to rue the day they got greedy by deciding to try to work against Apple instead of with them.” – MacDailyNews Take, March 09, 2010


  1. Just tried this. Siri interpreted “Wolfram, MacBook Air” as “Call Effram MacBook air”, and couldn’t find such a contact. Then Siri asked me if I wanted to call Effram Norwood, whoever the hell that is.

    I’m getting disappointed in Siri. She just doesn’t seem to listen well.

    1. Voice recognition is still tweaked by Nuance incorporated. It is only a beta. Remember that Forstall made a disclaimer that there could be a failure right before demostrating Siri on October 4th.

    1. completely agree. I have this thought since the second they introduced it. I couldn’t believe most people where bitching about the lack of an iphone 5, just shows how people take a while to understand new technologys.

    2. Again Jobs’ decision to “they push the human race forward” — he noticed the technology early and made it available to tens million, soon hundred million people around the world.

      Google would not do Siri since it would conflict with their own advertising business.

      Microsoft because it is at times superslow, and cluttered in concept and execution and lack vision anyway.

      So while Siri-like technology would eventually appear on mobile devices for mass people, it would take years longer than with Apple.

    3. One of the reasons why Siri has such a vibrant future is because it is built on Web 3.0 (aka the Semantic Web). Apple is once again taking a very impressive technology, and shaping it into something everyone can use and eventually find indispensable.

      For anyone who wants to learn more about Web 3.0, I recommend this TED video of Tim Berners-Lee (the man who invented the World Wide Web on a NeXT computer) taking about future of the Web.

  2. Siri is going to be really amazing once Apple let’s her out of the cage – APIs for more third party developers. I’m sure there’s a lot of app developers with some great ideas out there.

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