Samsung Galaxy S II ad targets iPhone music, gets iCloud facts wrong (with video)

“The latest in a series of Samsung Galaxy S II ads jabbing Apple also appears to have also gotten key facts wrong,” Electronista reports. “A handful of iPhone fans lined up are asked by a T-Mobile Galaxy S II owner why they’re still in line and say that 36 hours is a small price to pay to ‘keep all my music.’ He promptly shoots back that he has all his playlists, his music streams from the cloud, and has ‘tons of places’ to buy his movies.”

“While the main ad and other mini-ads derived from it have largely touched on more objective claims like larger screens and 4G, the new ad is odd in that it appears to skip facts that would deflate its claims,” Electronista reports. “Anyone with an iTunes Match account can also get all their music in the cloud, and iPhone users have the same access to alternatives like Rdio, Slacker, and Spotify for on-demand music streaming. Likewise, they aren’t locked into iTunes for movies and can use Netflix or alternatives.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Note that, despite several Samsung commercials using this theme, the iPhone fans never get out of line.

These commercials are designed to keep the sheep in the pen. The iPhone 4S and Siri obviously have Samsung playing defense.


  1. Yup, the poor Apple buyers have a heart. They allowed the Samdung fan to leave without correcting his obvious flaws. Wonder if Samdung would boldly send a customer to an Apple store with they same line?! Could you say, Apple convert or fleeing Samdung owner. LOL

  2. Never mention the competition in advertising.

    Apple advertise what you can do on your iDevice. Samsung just tries to make fun.
    All the android ads never show what can be done – they just make spurious claims that are never demonstrated.

    1. So what is Samsung supposed to say? Besides “we’re cheap,” “we have better malware” and “you’ll never have to worry about upgrading our OS” what is there to say?

      1. Funny thing is that a feature equivalent Android phone is not cheaper. You can get some striped down Android phone thats basically a feature phone running Android but thats not really a smart phone.

        1. exactly…I toyed with the idea of getting the new RAZR….it’s priced $100 over the iPhone 4S….plus I rely on using our corporate Exchange server for email and I have noticed every other Android phone has issues with SSL when configuring with the built-in email program…in those cases users have to download the Touchdown app ($20) to use Exchange.

      1. Vista had such bad PR that Apple had to take advantage of that. You generally do not want to mention the competition if it means that you will let customers know that there is an alternative.
        The Mac vs. PC campaign was hugely successful because it highlighted the huge advantages that Macs have and Vista PCs were generating a lot of issue for customers at the time.

        1. uh, the Mac vs PC campaign also mentioned Windblows 95, Windblows 98, Windblows 2000, Windblows ME, Windblows XP in addition to Windblows Vista by name…”Redmond, start your copiers.” is yet another example of Apple mentioning the competition by name in their advertising.

      2. it’s the McDonalds “rule” really.
        McDonalds never attacked Burger King, while Burger King attacked McDonalds all day long… McDonalds has always beat BK in every factor (except Taste maybe, but thats preference. I personally don’t care for either.)

        Same with Coca Cola for most of their ads.
        People tend to remember you as being negative more than anything.

        Agreed Apple really only attacked another brand by name with Vista. Apple generally praises it’s own stuff, but doesn’t target any specific brand.
        It’s why MS ads that attack Apple… pretty much fail with the audience.

      3. The “Mac vs. PC” ads were “the exception that proves the rule”, i.e. it’s an exception, but the particular circumstances were so special that the rule stands intact.

        In the case of the “Mac vs. PC” ads…

        — The ads were very clever and funny. Most attack ads come off as cruel and whiny unless you’re already a fan of the product being advertised.
        — The ads didn’t attack people, nor a specific product. Instead, John Hodgman played an anthropomorphized computer (something some Windows apologists never seemed to understand — see Microsoft’s inexplicable “I’m a PC” campaign). Thus, if you understood the ad, there was no reason ever to feel insulted.
        — The ad played off already established stereotypes regarding the two operating systems. The Mac was already seen as the computer for creative types, while Windows computers were for accountants. The ad didn’t have to push a new stereotype and get the viewers to buy in.

        In other words, the “Mac vs. PC” ads nicely side-stepped all the reasons that attack ads normally fail.


            1. You didn’t mention the hilarious outfits in that ad! PC’s “look” changed with each version of Windows. Did anyone ever really dress like that?

      4. Apple’s competition wasn’t PC. It wasn’t Windows or Microsoft either.

        Apple’s competition was Dell, HP, IBM, Sony, Toshiba, Lenovo, Asus and any other PC manufacturer you can think of.

        The thing is, none of the real competition was ever mentioned in the Mac vs PC ads.

  3. Samsung appears to be going out of their way to get sued. It must be paying off in some way for them, such as a counter-image and free advertising on all the tech sites. The worst thing is to go unnoticed, and they definitely are not.

    1. I agree. Hate isn’t the opposite of love- indifference is. I mute/fast-forward these commercials when they bombard me with them on TV- I really don’t need/want to read about them here…

    2. The best approach Apple can do is to keep up the legal angle whilst finding alternative suppliers for components to their phones.
      Unfortunately Samsung does have expertise in touchscreens and chips and Apple have to keep their supplier options open.
      Eventually though I bet that Samsung will lose most of the business and Apple will invest in component suppliers to help them build up their capability and capacity.
      Then Samsung will be left with low volume smartphone market and increasing cost pressure.

  4. Rather than going to court and fighting Samsung over obscure legal patents which has produced no noticeable effect on slowing down Samsung sales of either smart phones or tablets, it would be better and more profitable for Apple to step up its innovation cycle and produce new products that are desirable from the public viewpoint.

    There is some justification for calling out Apple for warming over an old design and not moving the hardware field forward in 16 months in the 4S. Samsung is just playing up the deficiencies of a 3.5″ screen. I think the ads are as justifiable as the I’m a Mac ads where Vista was called out as virus ridden. Clearly where you’ve stood still and not innovated, you’d be rightly called out for it.

    I think it’s good that Samsung is keeping Apple on its toes, otherwise we’d be stuck with an iPhone 4GS as a successor to the 4S in 2012 which will look externally like a 4. I’m not ruling out Apple pulling a stunt like this seeing that innovation seems to have stopped with the 4.

    1. “deficiencies of a 3.5″ ” screen ? I hope they keep the size of the phone. Phones are supposed to be small and confortable to carry around in pockets. If i need a bigger screen i can get the ipad. I’m sure i’m going to love the iphone 5, but I really hope they don’t get carried away with size. It’s such a stupid argument.

    2. BLN, are you sure you’re not really the “Matte iMac screen” guy who used to post something about the evils of glossy screens every time he posted?

      You incessantly go on and on about wanting a 4″ iPhone screen in almost every reply you post. We get it. It doesn’t appear that Apple cares. I don’t care either. Buy a HumongoDroid and be happy.

    3. “which has produced no noticeable effect on slowing down Samsung sales of either smart phones or tablets”

      Oh, Samsung Tablets are selling now? That’s news to me. I heard they were a complete flop. That’s how Amazon, a freakin’ website, moved into the number one space in ‘android tablets’

  5. WOuldn’t it be nice if for just once, Apple would strike back at Samsung, politely of course, by re-doing this commercial but then after the Android guy finished his rant on music movies etc, that the APple people crack up laughing and sat something like:

    “so? Apple already has been doing that for years. Glad you finally have that opportunity. What we are really in line for is….and then talk about Siri, etc and somewhere in there …drive home the point that Apple is the ORIGINAL and that the poor Samsung smuck will have to wait another year or so to get any new Apple technology to ‘borrow’.being

  6. I have been an Apple user for many years but I have to agree that Apple has gotten complacent with regards to it’s iPhone line and is relying more on trying to stifle competition rather than the cutting edge design that made the iPhone such a success.

    A modest incremental update of a 16 month old design is unforgivable in a marketplace that is advancing at the pace that mobile technology is moving at.

    I have recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I have to say that despite all the vitriol spewed at Samsung on this site it is actually a damn fine phone.

    1. So… what has been the huge leaps in advancement amongst Samsung phones? Aside from being forced to buy a new one to get the latest version of Android of course. 😉

      Aside from cosmetically, the iPhone 4S is a huge leap forward from the 4.

      1. In terms of advancements I would say the biggest failure is the lack of a larger screen option. The the retina display on my iPhone was eye popping 17-18 months ago but I have to be honest the Super Amoled in the S2 just blows it away.

        I have also been pleasantly surprised by Android both in the quantity and quality of its apps and the speed they run at. It is also nice to have a micro SD slot, FM radio, removable battery and wifi tethering.

        I will definitely consider the iPhones successor next upgrade I just can’t help but think that with the whole rehashing of an old design and form factor Apple have let the competition catch up and in some cases exceed

        1. Really? You think that 800 x 480 screen blows away the iPhone’s super dense 960 x 640 screen? Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t have a BAD screen, but it isn’t even close to the iPhone screen, much less blowing it away. The only thing it has going for it is it is bigger (if you’re into that sort of thing).

  7. I LAUGH at Apple LEMMINGS lining up for Apple products!

    (the Samsung ad is so TRUE!) only lines for Apple.. whenever I look for a hot android device … wallah!… there are NO LINES! Easy breezy to buy one!!

    even the hottest android devices are easily available and the sales people are so eager (almost DESPERATE) to sell you one and if you don’t want the current devices the clearance bins are full of last months hottest… Shoot for many androids you can even buy one get one free!

    Apple dweebs always have to fight crowds, even in NORMAL days the apple stores are stifling jam packed (lemmings!)

    The ONLY time I have to suffer lines for an Android is when I go to service counter for returns or repairs — for some bizarre reason there always seem to be long lines of (bad tempered) people with androids there … maybe the stores don’t staff these areas enough.. Most people returning androids are DOPES anyhow, they don’t have a clue how to ROOT their devices to make them function, or fight off malware etc. so they always have problems. (Not me I spend hours every day cruising android sites for the latest malware threat and I have my 175 page how to root and use your android Bible always at hand… But I digress… )

    I LOVE Samsung. They have taught me so much about LIFE! I use to actually WORK (what a dumbo I was) for my NIght School assignments. Now I just breeze through without a sweat! Following Samsung’s example … I just COPY! Samsung’s example has removed a HUGE burden of GUILT from me… I now have plenty of time with my Xbox! Wallah!

    steve Jobs idea of originality and doing your best is SOOO GODDA*M HARD ! Samsung’s way is better and smarter … let the other dumb smuck Do the Heavy Lifting! LOL.

    “You’re an idiot moron AF ” I hear you say. Ha! Hardly, copying can be very successful . I argue my case: Samsung has grown into a huge big company and unlike Apple for the last ten years have you seen them come up with anything Ground Breaking Original that changed the tech world? LIke a GUI, iPod, iPhone etc ? NO ! !! it just lets the other guy do the thinking! smaaaart….

    Smack it to them Samsung!
    Samsung and Android Forever!

    1. It must really suck to be an Apple-hater these days, isn’t it? I mean, it sucks to just hate, doesn’t it? Having to visit Apple sites and waste your measly time as you plainly are doing? LOL

      Well, the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. Personally, I couldn’t care less about Android. As for Samsung, I’ll say this much: I’m a Korean-American and find Samsung to be an embarrassment. Why is Apple so popular in Korea, Samsung’s own home turf? Why do Koreans themselves line up to buy the iPhone?

      Go ahead and waste your time. You live only once. And thanks for the laugh.

      1. It seems that you know english basics, but you have a serious problem understanding what sarcasm is, and therefore don’t get it even when he tells you “…I have my 175 page how to root and use your android Bible always at hand…” . What else do you want to understand that this man hates the Android!!!? Sorry for the others but at least someone has to do that, many people are brighter than what they seem, even in this case.

        1. I don’t live here. All I do is scan things really quick and there are plenty of Apple haters on the different Apple boards. I understand what sarcasm is just fine. The above post didn’t strike me as such but, then, I skimmed through it. I certainly didn’t bother to read every word as there are so many posts like these.

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