Apple debuts new iTunes Store TV ad: ‘The Beatles’ (with video)

Apple has debuted a new TV advertisement, “The Beatles,” on U.S. broadcast and cable networks.

The ad takes viewers on a journey through The Beatles, from Please, Please Me, all the way to Abbey Road.

The spot closes on black text on a white background, “The Beatles on iTunes” and then cuts to a black Apple logo.


    1. The point about music, dumbass, is that people’s taste vary.
      The point about the iTunes store is that we want to have everyone’s taste catered for.

      I don’t care for country music but I don’t see why Apple shouldn’t advertise that if it will bring in more sales.

      Music disclaimer – I own Beatles, Green Day and Maroon 5. Also many titles from Punk to Opera.

    2. The top-selling albums of the decade, according to Nielsen SoundScan: 2000-2010

      1. The Beatles, 1,11,499,000 units sold
      2. ‘NSYNC, No Strings Attached, 11,112,000 units sold
      3. Norah Jones, Come Away With Me, 10, 546,000 units sold
      4. Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP, 10,204,000 units sold
      5. Eminem, The Eminem Show, 9,799,000 units sold
      6. Usher, Confessions, 9,712,000 units sold
      7. Linkin Park, Hybrid Theory, 9,663,000 units sold
      8. Creed, Human Clay, 9,491,000 units sold
      9. Britney Spears, Oops! … I Did It Again, 9,185,000 units sold
      10. Nelly, Country Grammar, 8,461,000 units sold

      1. @Pamela those numbers must be U.S. only because Beatles 1 has sold over 31 millions copies as of 2009 worldwide. Have no idea what the current numbers might be, but it could be anything from 33 million to 35 million in total sales.

      1. Hi Jean,

        Green Day’s first album came out in 1990. It’s been twenty-one years… I’m letting you know that these jokers have been remembered. 😉

        I get your point though. Most pop music is garbage, and I cringe when I’m looking through the iTunes top ten. But just because a band is popular doesn’t mean they suck. My favorite band, The Beatles started as a pop band, but they managed to grow musically as a band while keeping their “sound” to be the greatest rock band ever.

        And I gotta hand it to Green Day, I would have bet money that they wouldn’t have lasted this long. I liked their assorted singles over the years, but when I first heard the “American Idiot” album, I was blown away. Yes it’s ‘Pop-Punk’, but both “American Idiot” and the follow up, “21st Century Breakdown”, are masterpieces in the pop-punk genre. Now, you, personally, may not enjoy their sound or style, but like it or not, and as you alluded, if twenty years later a band is still popular and selling albums, they’re the real deal.

        The funny thing is, I do remember after Green Day’s first charting album in 1994, the criticism from everyone was, “This mall-punk band sucks, they won’t last.”, and now in 2011, seventeen years later, I’m reading from your post, “This mall-punk band sucks, they won’t last.” Dang! Green Day can’t get a break!

    3. I did. When they became available on iTunes,
      I bought the whole collection. By the way, I still
      buy Beethoven,Mozart,Bach,Verdi,Pavroti,Maria
      Callas,Wagner,Hank Williams Sr,,Jimmie Rodgers,
      Janis Joplin,etc…. Good stuff never goes out
      of date.

  1. A ton of people buy the beatles and the beatles are pretty consistent of adding new generations of listeners. i am one of them. beatles 1 was the biggest album of the decade 2000-2009. so yeah beatles music sells. you should listen to some of their masterpieces.

  2. I thought is was Extremely creative. The Beatles are timeless.

    The other side, this shows why copyright of over 100 years is obscene. There was a study that came up with an optimal time period of 17 years. This is only advantageous to corporations, not PEOPLE.

    1. thethirdshoe is right on. any law enabling an entity special privileges to a corporation after the death of the inventor/creator is morally wrong. corporations are not people. all these hyper-extended copyright laws do is allow corporate leaders to pick their favorite winner and market the hell of out them until teenagers hear nothing but the “top 40” over and over and over.

      on another note, Freddy King was FINALLY inducted into the R&R hall of fame this year. he had more talent in his little pinky than the beastie boys or madonna or the beatles ever had, or ever will have. perhaps if Ahmet Ertegun had a taste for Chicago or Texas Blues, people would be worshipping different musicians today. Whatever corporation bought Freddy’s music catalog has sure done a crappy job about distributing it.

    2. I dunno. I’m okay with “lifetime + xx years”, as long as the post-mortem year number isn’t too big. In other words, you should be able to prosper off your own works and pass them on to your children, but this shouldn’t be allowed to continue forever.


    3. St what point do my hiers stop being people …. When YOU write a song then you can give it away if that’s what you want…. Personally the trust corp protecting the rights to music I create should not have a time limit determined by a population who most likely pirated their copies anyway

  3. Can’t get the video to play.

    Be sure to check out my album on iTunes, too, while you’re at it, and help put me over the Beatles’ mark. Two copies sold since 2006, LOL.

  4. Great ad. Did any other Beatles fans notice that they got it right at the end chronologically? They put Let It Be before Abby Road since Let it Be was started and largely completed before Abby Road, even though Let It Be was released after Abby Road. Very impressive, Apple!

  5. Before the Beatles were on iTunes I had most of their hit singles as stand alone tracks. Then I discovered that listening to a complete album such as Revolver, or the white album or rubber soul or abbey road were just completely different experiences. I used to think, “why would I buy another Beatles track ………I have got all the good ones”. Boy was I wrong. Since getting to see and sample the Beatles on iTunes I must have spent at least $100 bucks on getting some of their complete albums. And I haven’t finished yet.

  6. There’ll come a day in the far distant future when The Beatles may be relegated to some kind of important footnote in human history. But it ain’t gonna happen in the lifetimes of those alive today. Every so often, something Beatles-connected happens e.g. this ad and the new Yellow Submarine iBooks app, and I find myself once again spending the next few days listening exclusively to Beatles tracks. As I write this, a playlist containing the great John Lennon tracks on the Revolver album is playing on iTunes on my computer.

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