Microsoft may stop keynoting CES after 2012 to – gasp! – emulate Apple

“Microsoft may take a page from Apple and step back from major trade shows, Microsoft-focused journalist Mary Jo Foley said in the latest episode of the Windows Weekly podcast,” Electronista reports.

“Near the end of the show, she told of a source who understood that Microsoft would dial back its presence at the annual January CES show after 2012,” Electronista reports. “The Windows developer would still likely have a footprint, but it would most likely drop the near-traditional Steve Ballmer keynote and, presumably, scale back the size of its booth on the show floor.”

Electronista reports, “The same contact made it clear that the goal would be to copy Apple’s strategy of focusing primarily on self-run events. By dictating its own schedule, Microsoft could unveil products only when they’re close enough to being ready or avoid having to generate filler. Apple’s approach helped set expectations, something which Microsoft clearly liked.”

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    1. But since MS is not Apple they will lose, not gain from going away from CES show.

    2. That’s cuz all the cool toys are from Apple now and Apple Events. And toys now are so Swiss Army Knife with one thing doing so many things. I almost wonder what else they’ll manage to fill in with at CES that’s worth a rats ass.

  1. I expected this.

    Ballmer peaked as keynote speaker in 2010 when he proclaimed it the year of the tablet. That was of course the year of the iPad, the only successful tablet that year.

    Even funnier was Ballmer demonstrating what he thought a tablet would be. He was all up there sweating and howling with his big gorilla hands trying to claw at the screen. There was no furniture on stage for him to throw, so I was expecting him to fling his own poo at the audience when he couldn’t get the tablet to work.

    And he did (at least metaphorically so).

    1. Eric T Mole shows nothing with so much style. I want MrEdOfCourse to write, “I expected this”. I think we need an MDN poll for the new CES keynoter.

  2. after standing there hyping things like HP Slate etc it’s penetrated even Ballmer’s thick skull that he’s making a fool of himself..

    maybe they’re worried somebody would splice together Ballmer CES footage and then how the products flopped (that’s an idea for someone to do , call it ‘fantasy and reality’… )

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