Samsung loses bid to block Apple iPhone 4S sales in France

“Samsung Electronics Co. failed to win a court order blocking Apple Inc. from selling its newest smartphone, the iPhone 4S, in France,” Heather Smith reports for Bloomberg.

According to the report, the court rejected Samsung’s request for an emergency injunction against Apple while it considers Samsung’s patent-infringement claims.

Brief article here.

Florian Mueller reports for FOS Patents, “Benjamin Ferran, a reporter for French newspaper Le Figaro, attended the pronouncement of the ruling and tweeted about the outcome (‘rejected’), the main reason (‘disproportionate’), and the reimbursement of legal fees Samsung now owes to Apple (100,000 euros, which is certainly just a very small fraction of what Apple actually spent on its defense but when courts award such reimbursements at all, the amounts they order are almost always below a party’s actual costs in such high-stakes, complex cases as this one).”

“I attended large parts of the second court hearing, which took place on November 17 and was the final one prior to today’s ruling, and predicted that Samsung was going to lose with this bid for a France-wide iPhone 4S ban,” Mueller reports. “It became clear that the legal standard for a preliminary injunction is reasonably high in France, and Apple’s lawyers made a number of points that I couldn’t verify in their entirety but which appeared strong enough to dissuade the court from ordering a ban.”

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