Microsoft plans to open Windows 8 ‘app store’ in February

“Microsoft is wooing developers for a February opening of its first ‘app store’ for computers,” Glenn Chapman reports for The New Zealand Herald.

“The Windows Store will open in late February when Microsoft releases a test version of its next-generation Windows 8 operating system,” Chapman reports. “‘I think we are going to do great,’ Windows Web Services vice president Antoine Leblond said as he gave developers and press a preview of the store in a San Francisco art gallery.”

Chapman reports, “Microsoft will take 30 percent of the revenue from application sales. After selling $25,000 worth of an application, the developers share climbs to 80 percent. Developers get to keep all the money from in-application transactions.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Déjà vu all over again.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “J Gill” for the heads up.]

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  1. I see the marketplace working.

    MS is lowering its “take” for online software sales and if successful, will surely affect Apple’s % of the sales in its AppStore over time.

    1. Uh… Not really. They probably won’t sell Mac or legal IOS software. So how does that take anything away from Apple? And there take is the same as iTunes up until $25K.

  2. If you go to the Windows 8 developer page you can see that now Microsoft now refers to all their programs as “Apps”.

    You can’t say Microsoft lacks any cojones when it comes to brazen, slavish copying of Apple.

    I’d love to see just one reporter ask Balmer…

    “Steve, aren’t you somewhat embarrassed by the extent your company copies Apple? “

    1. I believe that question was asked once (more politely, of course), and I believe Ballmer straight-up lied and tried to make an argument that Microsoft didn’t copy Apple, by nitpicking minor differences between the offerings.


  3. And it will no doubt be as successful as their retail effort has been….

    This is actually good news… every time they try, and fail, they erode their credibility a little more. (and the sooner we break the back of stifling monopolists like MS, and Adobe (and to a lessor extent Google) the better it is for all.

  4. So sad. Can Microsoft think of ANYTHING original?

    Of course, the app store will only work if you have Windows 8, so the supposed “huge market” really isn’t.

    Microsoft does NOT want to get into a price war with Apple over software. Apple makes money on hardware, Microsoft on software. Guess who can survive price cuts better with no impact on their core business? How much does OS X already undercut Windows, a factor of 3 or more?

  5. I don’t think Apple has any reason to file a lawsuit against Microsoft, unless they call their Windows Store an app store. Anyone can operate a software store on the web, and practically everyone does.

    Microsoft currently distributes is software by download to its partners. They are adding a payment system, expanding it to consumers, and opening it up so other companies can sell there, too. It will work as well as any other Microsoft product.

    However, Microsoft is making the same fatal mistake that they keep making over and over again. They are selling their Windows Store to developers, not users. It’s a simple case of supply and demand. If the Windows Store doesn’t give users a good experience, there won’t be a demand, and without a demand, there’s no need for a supply. The developers go back to selling from their web sites, and the only one left selling from the Windows Store is Microsoft itself.

    Microsoft is doing it backwards. They have to stop obsessing about the cash register and start concentrating on customer satisfaction. That is the one thing they have not copied from Apple. The App Store was designed for users. Developers didn’t all like it until they started raking in the dough. iTunes and the iPod were designed for users. Music companies didn’t all like it until piracy decilned and the money poured in.

    Remember Mr. Ballmer’s nickname. The saying is true: “monkey see, monkey do.”

  6. Ballmer isn’t entirely stupid. He copied one Apple practice successfully, and that is smaller development teams. Vista was developed by a cast of thousands, and we all know the results. Ballmer was instrumental in cleaning that up, making a smaller team and streamlining it. Windows 8 came out with a respectable turn-around. It’s still Windows, but it is a big improvement over Vista.

  7. I think this is going to be fascinating. Of course Windows has a HUGE installed base, however their best development tools have always been 3d party…sooo if MS doesn’t build good tools how will developers build apps – but oh my there is the potential for huge profit if developers go around MS and make a great product.

  8. I predicted this the moment the Mac App Store launched, I believe in a comment on this website. (Of course, it doesn’t take great powers of prognostication to predict “Apple do, Microsoft copy”.)


  9. When I read that article yesterday I saw the repeating “Apple takes 30 percent – we won’t do that”, and after a couple of those I was asking “so then, how much will they take?” And then I got to the “Microsoft will take 30 per cent of the revenue from application sales” quote and I was all WTF, ROTFL. Finally, I read to the end, and it says “Windows Store will feature only free applications when it opens in February” so that will be 30 percent of nothing. Great plan! I like it – I like it a lot!

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