How Crocs are helping Apple stomp on Samsung

“What do Apple and its elegant iPads have in common with plastic, waterproof clogs that people love to hate?” Jeff Roberts asks for paidContent.

“More than you might think,” Roberts writes. “It turns out the two companies don’t just share a business strategy—Apple has also been copying Crocs’ legal strategy to keep competitors out of the market.”

Roberts writes, “Apple and Crocs share a common bond because both rely heavily on industrial design—the look and feel of a product—to distinguish them in the market. And both fight ferociously in court to assert their design patents, a little understood type of intellectual property that is different from regular utility patents. In recent months, design patents have been front and center in a Silicon Valley drama in which Apple is accusing Samsung of “slavishly copying” its iPad design, and demanding a court forbid the sale of the latter’s Galaxy tablets.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. No, Crocs is not suing Apple. Apple is copying Crocs legal tactics to win in court. My beef is why is there such an argument about company rights of their intellectual property? Samsung didn’t have the vision before Apple came up with it – no one did or does so why is a problem now?

  1. Speaking of fakes, WTF is with an ad on this site saying “Win an iPhone 5”, complete with image of the rumoured device?

    MDN ought to better control the ads that get rotated onto their site. I’ve gotten several peddling HTC or other Android and even WinPhone 7 ads.

  2. Apple’s war with samsung probably also has bigger implications:

    1) it makes other smaller manufacturers think twice before ripping apple off. Many people have attacked Apple for being so determined in it’s lawsuits but they don’t realize what would happen if it didn’t: they’ll be dozens of manufacturers producing rip off apple items (already there are laptops with the Apple Logo but running Windows sold in asia).

    I remember a photo of a steam roller crushing tens of thousands of confiscated pirated software disks on a public street in Asia (it was warning public demo at the culmination of a anti piracy campaign headed by Microsoft and local government).

    If Apple didn’t fight hard, it’s IP will be toast.

    2) Fighting paints Samsung etc in many people’s minds as copy cats. if they didn’t in a few years people would think that Samsung’s etc stuff is ‘original’ (like many people today think Msft came out with Windows GUI independently and don’t realize Windows came years after Mac GUI).

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