IDC: Windows 8 will be an upgrade bust on PCs, disappointing on tablets, too

“Windows 8 isn’t even in beta yet, but IDC is already predicting that very few PC owners will upgrade from Windows 7,” Preston Gralla blogs for Computerworld.

“And that’s just for a start — the company also predicts that Windows 8 tablets look to be a bust as well,” Gralla reports. Those predictions are contained in a new report, ‘Worldwide System Infrastructure Software 2012 Top 10 Predictions.’ The report claims the following, according to Mary Jo Foley.”

Windows 8 will be largely irrelevant to the users of traditional PCs, and we expect effectively no upgrade activity from Windows 7 to Windows 8 in that form factor.

Gralla reports, “The reason for that is fairly obvious: If what I’ve seen in the Windows 8 developer preview holds true to the finished version, there’s not much new that’s useful to owners of desktops and laptops. The new Metro interface is clearly designed for touchscreens and tablets, and the Windows 8 desktop looks and works very much like Windows 7. There’s simply not enough there for anyone to want to upgrade.”

“Given that Windows 8 seems largely designed for tablets, how will Windows 8 tablets fare? IDC is again unimpressed, and expects Windows 8 tablet sales in 2012 to be ‘disappointing,'” Gralla reports. “IDC isn’t alone in that. Forrester recently warned that because Windows 8-based tablets will be so late to market, they’ll likely fail against the iPad, Android tablets, the Amazon Kindle, and the Barnes and Noble NOOK.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back on June 1st:

Microsoft, in trying to cram everything into Windows 8 in an attempt to be all things to all devices, will end up with an OS that’s a jack of all trades and a master of none (which, after all, ought to be Microsoft’s company motto). By the time this hybrid spawn of Windows Phone ’07 + Windows 7ista actually ships, one can only dream where Apple’s iOS and Mac OS X will be! For Microsoft, it’ll be more like a nightmare… From what we’ve seen so far, Windows 8 strikes us as an unsavory combination of Windows Weight plus Windows Wait… As if they needed it: More good news for Apple.

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      1. Listen Dimwit. If you think that Win 8 might effect the Apple/Mac Markets, you don’t even qualify to be the Mayor of the Village Idiot Convention. You would need to upgrade your brain by about 568 versions.

        IApple, agree with your statement

        1. Thanks dimbulb morons for your faith in Apple but it still doesn’t mean we can’t hear about the Dark Side’s feeble attempts to win back consumer mind share with their pathetic offerings. We need a little comedy relief from time to time to break up the relentless Apple success stories. (Not that I tire of hearing them.)

        2. Of course it will affect, but most likely in Apple’s favor.

          We are talking about Apple oldest longest “nemesis”, so news like this does belong on a Mac site, for the same reason negative news about PS3 will appear on an XBOX site.

  1. Windows 8 is a poorly thought out Ballmer initiated knee jerk reaction to the success of the iPad. You’re bound to miss when shooting at a moving Apple target.

    1. So can anyone give me any advice? As an architect, most people today are requesting Revit (only a PC program). I run Vectorworks (Mac). Do I need to get parallels, Windows, and a years supply of pills to get a job in this economy – or start my own business?

      1. Why don’t you just get the new Mac version of Autocad? From what I understand all the Autocad stuff should be compatible (file wise) so you should be able to read Revit files etc. It shouldn’t matter the exact version you have, it’s the output and what files it can read that matters.

  2. Upgrade to Windows 8?
    My workplace, with a large head-office, 39 satellite offices with desktops, and laptops for another 50 people, is entrenched in Windows XP, and management has no plans to change that.

  3. MDN Take is exactly right. Apple intentionally separated Mac OS X from iOS (as used in iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch), because one is designed and optimized for a keyboard and pointing device (such as mouse or trackpad) and the other for a small mobile multi-touch screen. One has a visible “cursor” (pointer) on the screen, the other does not (because your finger touching screen IS the pointer). One is focused on energy efficiency, the other is focused on computing performance.

    Apple makes each elegant and efficient for its purpose. Microsoft is trying to shove everything in there to create the ultimate in bloat.

    1. The latest rumor is that MS has stripped out the desktop side of windows 8 for ARM. If that is true then they are acknowledging apple’s approach and going the same route, NT kernel with only a touch UI.

      still wont be an ipad but good forMS I guess

      1. And they should probably eliminate the “Metro” stuff from the desktop Windows 8 interface. But then, they would mostly have Windows 7 and no sales pitch except that “it’s new.”

        1. Yep I pretty much gotta agree with you there.

          The only desktop change I could visibly see in Windows 8 (beyond metro) was the ‘ribbon’ interface from Office grafted into the explorer shell. I did not play with it much to determine if this was a good idea or not. lol.

          Granted I’ve got the initial dev preview… I nuked the VM I set up for it about 2 days after install… it just wasn’t worth the disk space on my mac.

  4. I can’t wait til microsoft pre-announces that they’re going to be selling the greatest tablet ever, “real soon now”. They won’t have even started on it but the analysts will declare it will take over the market, it will be even better than the nonexistent Courier tablet. Because it doesn’t exist, the new ms-w8 tablet can be anything – an amazing advantage.
    They will hold a mock funeral for the iPad and iOS and laugh about how they can crush the competition.
    It will be glorious.
    So, don’t buy a tablet with iOS on it! wait for the hipsterOS tablet from microsoft, it’s cool.

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