U.S. judge rejects Apple bid to halt Samsung Galaxy smartphone, tablet sales

“Apple failed to convince a U.S. judge to block Samsung Electronics from selling Galaxy smartphones and tablets in the U.S. market, depriving the iPhone and iPad maker of crucial leverage in a global patent battle between the two companies,” Dan Levine reports for Reuters. “In a ruling released late on Friday, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California denied Apple’s request for a preliminary injunction against Samsung.”

“Apple sued Samsung in the United States in April, saying the South Korean company’s Galaxy line of mobile phones and tablets ‘slavishly’ copies the iPhone and iPad,” Levine reports. “But on Friday Koh rejected Apple’s bid to ban sales of three smartphone models, as well as the Samsung Tab 10.1. ‘It is not clear that an injunction on Samsung’s accused devices would prevent Apple from being irreparably harmed,’ Koh wrote. Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet on Friday referred to previous Apple statements about the case, saying that Samsung’s ‘blatant copying is wrong.'”

“Apple could still prevail in the overall lawsuit. But it’s inability to win a quick halt to Galaxy sales in the United States comes as the stakes skyrocket in one of the fastest growing consumer electronics markets,” Levine reports. In her ruling, Koh wrote that for some of the smartphones, ‘Apple has established a likelihood of success on the merits at trial.’ Koh added that Apple would likely prove Samsung infringed one of its tablet patents. However, Apple had not shown that it was likely to overcome Samsung’s challenges to the patent’s validity, Koh wrote. Apple must demonstrate both infringement and validity to succeed in its lawsuit.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What’s the point of innovating if your inventions can simply be stolen at will and sold for years before the “legal system” catches up, if it ever does?

Regardless of courts and judges, we consumers can deliver a measure of justice on our own:

Boycott Samsung. We no longer buy Samsung-branded products and advise our millions of readers worldwide to also avoid purchasing Samsung-branded products until they cease stealing Apple’s patented IP.

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement


        1. Apparently the US has been over run with Liberal-Communist judges and politicians and idiots who they think they are owed a free ride from the hard working. lol is not LOL. It is sad and worrisome to say the least.

  1. As I said before:

    Because USA’s patent system is so slow, Apple not only suffers from unpunished and unstopped IP theft for years, some of the ideas and concepts that were filed for patenting/TMs to the time of final stages of approval become “common use”. This is how, for example, Apple lost “Multi-Touch” TM, and got court in Denmark denying tablet patent as “obvious”.

    If Apple had their patents enforced timely, no one in the right mind would say that iPad design is “obvious” (because prior tablets all were fat plastic with shaped borders, not all-flat glass surface), and “multi-touch” would not be considered “common use”. Only few professionals knew the term back then.

    USA’s patent system is an epic failure, unfortunately: it does not protect innovators.

    1. You are the dumb ass! Just think, and that that realization will come to you!

      Think for example, who makes more when you buy an apple product, Apple or Sammy? Think also, what Apple will do in the future about who it sources products from. Think for example who you punish when you don’t buy a SamDung logo device; yes that would be Sammy not Apple. Dipshit trol!

    2. Do some research before you post Carl, diffrent division with the same company name, getting a few parts is much diffrent then a full blown IP theft as Samsung has done.

      And Carl if you followed the news, Apple is distancing itself from Samsung but due to “CONTRACTS” it’s slow and tedious and you just can’t break your “CONTRACTS” due to liability.

      NOW Carl if you like to RE-READ and make it something it’s not then that’s your problem, No one said anything about PARTS or boycotting due to parts.

      Boycotting Samsungs Retail devision is much diffrent then what you suggest Carl.

      Carl Your just like my Ex-wife, both of you can take a subject and turn it around to represent a completely diffrent thing.

  2. In civilized countries, like Germany, intellectual property still plays an important role in social prosperity. In the US, however, the Asian knock-off copier mindset needs to run smoothly for cheap mass capitalism to function properly. Without allowing the Samsungs of the world to run slipshod over intellectual property, Walmart, Sears, and the others would not exist. Just remember: American society is based on plutocratic cronyism and mass consumerist capitalism, which is why the judge had to rule as he did. This decision sits well with allowing Walmart to sell shotguns next to the children’s toys, or with in making sure that the Consumer Protection Agency is as weak as possible.

  3. This is plain wrong. So the US now protects foreign companies that blatantly copies hard working American businesses that truly innovate. Good Job America!!! You just love to screw yourself over.

    1. I hesitate to say this because I like to give people the benefit of the doubt but I have to wonder if Justice Koh’s decision was base in any part on the fact that she is also Korean. I would hope that a US judge would not be biased in that way but…I still have to wonder.


    No more cars with four wheels, either, because that was person X’s idea. All other cars should have three wheels or less, or five wheels or more.

    And no more TV’s with a screen on the front and mechanicals/electronics on the back. That’s person Y’s idea. All other TV’s should have the screen behind the electronics or the electronics above or below the screen…

    Come on.

    It’s a tablet. There’s not much to go on here. A screen with stuff behind it. Bezel wide enough to hold and not obscure the content. It’s called a “margin”. Paper has had margins since… forever.

    Yeah, you round the corners. Because you’re grabbing it with your hand. What? You think they should sell a tablet with sharp corners?

    Yeah, a black bezel. Because black disappears most easily to the eye. Theater people have been wearing black for ages for that reason.

    I think this isn’t going to go as far as anyone thinks. It’s a whole new world, a whole new market. The court system isn’t going to grant one company the only right to create in that new world. I can’t see how that would be good for anyone.

    By the way, didn’t apple make like $25 Billion in the last QUARTER? Hard to make a case that they’re getting crucified out there because of Samsung’s sneaky tactics…

    1. I began that last post with a without the spaces, and ended it with a . It’s kind of crucial to establish the context. Sorry MDN’s system nix’d the text as though it were actual code.

  5. So they can steal all they want as long as it doesn’t bankrupt Apple?

    Then I can break into your house and take your lovely artwork, Persian carpets, the family silver, but I can get away with it as long as some judge decides it didn’t “irreparably harm” you.

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