Apple: We stopped supporting Carrier IQ with iOS 5; never recorded keystrokes, messages or any other info

In a statement to AllThingsD, Apple has confirmed that the company stopped supporting Carrier IQ in iOS 5:

Apple’s statement:

We stopped supporting Carrier IQ with iOS 5 in most of our products and will remove it completely in a future software update. With any diagnostic data sent to Apple, customers must actively opt-in to share this information, and if they do, the data is sent in an anonymous and encrypted form and does not include any personal information. We never recorded keystrokes, messages or any other personal information for diagnostic data and have no plans to ever do so.

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    1. Yes, that is rather vague of Apple in that particular phrase. I.e. it’s still on the freakin iPhone!

      Still, no one is addressing the real issue, which is that it’s the comparativeness “openness” of Android that let the carriers stuff unbridled spyware onto their phones, whereas under Apple’s aegis, what any software does and doesn’t do is curbed and controlled.

      1. Great typing there squiggles! 2nd attempt:

        Still, no one is addressing the real issue, which is that it’s the comparative “openness” of Android that lets carriers stuff unbridled spyware onto their phones, whereas Apple’s walled garden prevents this.

  1. Carrier IQ is on Sprint and AT&T Android devices at the least.

    Verizon devices are clean, and the official Nexus Android devices are not running it.

    If you are on AT&T or Sprint, then its time to root, switch carriers or get an iPhone (I believe sprint now offers the iPhone?).

      1. Just search for carrier iq on about any news feed.

        Verizon made a statement, i ripped some of their stock roms apart and could find no trace carrier IQ.

        I know 2 sprint users, both had it running and one confirmed instance of an AT&T android at work with it.

        Google also made a statement that it does not install the software on tge nexus

  2. At this stage I believe this from Apple…

    Now come on Google your up – show us your data mining practices and intentions! We can then shake our heads in disbelief at those who actually believe you

  3. Apple’s primary motivations are to sell hardware. Therefore, Apple will do its best to keep its customers (people who pay for its products) happy, so that they will keep buying Apple hardware. The desires of Apple and its customers are aligned.

    Google gives away Android (and its online services) for free. Android users are NOT Google’s “customers.” Google profits from selling advertising (and user-related data) to its REAL customers; keeping them (not users) happy is Google’s primary motivation.

    There is a fundamental difference between being an iPhone user and an Android user. In one case, you are the customer. In the other, you are the “commodity” (whose eyeballs and actions are sold to the highest bidder).

      1. Apple has stepped up the PR Dept. immensely since Steve Jobs passed. You can thank Tim Cook for that because I believe that he knew that the more open and forward Apple becomes, the more people will respect them and the more product they will sell. Basically, they want to get all those people that were sitting on the fence of their walled garden to jump into the bed of roses.

  4. We Apple fans can spin this all we want, this leaves a black eye on Apple. They shouldn’t have anything to do with CIQ to begin with, like Google didn’t, apparently, with their own Nexus. IF the carriers had forced Apple and others to install this, Apple should have weighed in against it with bigger muscles and a written green signal from the regulators/privacy watchdogs.

    All these modifiers, since iOS 5, most of the devices (leaving more room for speculation than answering them in one go; and questions will linger which defeats the purpose by being silly and vague), future versions will be free of it etc.

    Why wait to distance yourself from this crapware AFTER it’s being found? Lousy move, Apple. Get your act together, and this was no small incident. Because of this idiotic misstep, irrespective of how much and type of data that have actually been shared, Apple may likely be grouped together in a lousy class action lawsuit.

    Frankly, I expected better from Apple.

    1. Firstly, they said it was disabled in iOS 5 which came out before this software was discovered, not after. Secondly, on the iPhone it’s opt-in and doesn’t record any personal info. Thats not a spin, thats just facts. You can’t successfully sue Apple for doing something at the request of the user (opt-in).

      1. No they didn’t disable CIQ on ALL iOS 5 devices; you might want to reread Apple’s half arsed stab at coming clean.

        Secondly, if you read my earlier comment carefully, I clearly stated that irrespective of what kind of data and how much of it is being shared (if at all), it was a lousy thing for Apple to get associated with. Google didn’t with their own hardware (Nexus), apparently neither did MS. How is it then Apple was strong armed to include this 3rd party stinker in their pride jewel of wall-gardened OS? Anyway you look at it, it was an outrageous brain freeze moment by Apple; admit it, correct it, move on. No fanboi spin is necessary nor wanted.

        Thirdly, I never said that a class action lawsuit would be successful in the court of law. However, just by associating themselves with this kind of privacy stinker, Apple has done themselves no favours at the court of public opinion. Opt-in opt-out status settings be darned, look at the anti-Apple headlines already and Apple had only themselves to blame for setting themselves up. It takes a reputation hit on the chin, while MS is sitting pretty. I’m just as big a fan of Apple as the next guy here, and I’m outraged by this. This kind of crap I’d expect from Google, but never Apple.

        Shame on you, Apple. Get your act together an fast.

        1. “Shame on you, Apple. Get your act together an fast.”

          lol. So is this the next manufactured crisis against Apple? Carrier IQ-gate?

          It was optional in iOS and it didn’t collect any personal information. Why should Apple be ashamed? Because Tim Cook isn’t psychic and didn’t forsee that there would be a privacy scandal involving Carrier IQ on other handsets, where it does in fact collect personal information and is mandatory?

          Shame on you, krquet. Get your act together and fast.

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