45% of iPhone buyers break existing iPhone contracts to upgrade early, 18% switch from rivals

“Apple’s recent iPhone buyers have been eager enough to want to either break contract or switch from Android or BlackBerry to get one, CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) said in a new poll,” Electronista reports. “About 45 percent of those studied in the US who had bought an iPhone between October and November 10 had paid an early termination fee or otherwise broken their agreement to get the iPhone 4S and, occasionally, an earlier iPhone.”

“Although 71 percent of all buyers had been iPhone owners in the past, another 18 percent were switching from another smartphone,” Electronista reports. “The demographics left just 11 percent either new to smartphones or getting their first cellphone of any kind. Among those just buying the iPhone 4S, 30 percent were trading up from the iPhone 4.”

Electronista reports, “Demographics were also shifting. Although AT&T still ruled iPhone sales, it no longer had an absolute majority at 49 percent. Another 34 percent picked Verizon, and 17 percent had picked Sprint. For iPhone 4S buyers, the 64GB model was unusually strong; despite its price, 23 percent had bought the top capacity. CIRP added that women in its study preferred a white iPhone 4 or 4S over black.”

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MacDailyNews Take: No need to wait for research studies when you have SteveJack:

Listen, I don’t want a white iPhone. I prefer my iPhones in black… Because I’m a man. But, for you ladies who’ve been waiting patiently for a white iPhone, I simply have to call ‘em like I see ‘em…SteveJack, “How hard is it to make a white iPhone 4?” – MacDailyNews, October 27, 2010


  1. I just upgraded to the 4S from the 4 last week so as not pay the $200 upgrade penalty. I can’t imagine most iPhone 4 owners upgrading earlier than last week. My take is those 4 to 4S upgrades just began last week.

        1. Well, let’s see, I had a perfectly fine iPhone 4, which I purchased the first day it came out, as I have for every single phone Apple has put out. Now, I could wait a month and save $200, or buy immediately and donate $200 to AT&T. I wonder how many “smart” people would pay $200 just to have Siri in their phones for one month. I mean, Siri is great, but it sure is not worth $200 when one knows it can be had for free in a month’s time.

          Now I just bought 500 Apple shares at 368. Am I a cheapskate because I waited for the stock to come down from the 405 levels I sold out at during the first week in November? The way I see it, I made an easy $200 by waiting a month to buy a new phone.

          However, in retrospect, I now realize that folks who recently bought an iPhone 4 would have to wait a much longer than me, and paying the upgrade penalty may be worth it for them.

  2. 64gb the most popular? No say it isn’t so… 😉
    Black 64gb iPhone 4S here.

    And yes, when I got mine the clerk (female) was bummed I didn’t pick white. But the other clerk (male) said I made right choice.

    And yes I upgraded early for my 4S and my 4 when it came out. Both cause AT&T let me though..
    With the 4S I’d have paid the penalty though. Which I assume I will next year..

  3. I upgraded from a black 4 to a 64gb white 4S. And yes, I am ALL MAN. I’m PROUDLY sporting my pure white iPhone as I stroll confidently through town. Anybody has a problem with that is unsure about what they’ve got in their own underpants.

  4. Misleading title to article. It should be “45% of all iPhone 4s sales of first 2 months are early upgrades out of contract”. It is obvious if people are going to get it out of contract, they will do it ASAP. They are stupid. The jump from the 4 to the 4s is so small. The only thing is Siri and most people i know don’t use it anymore.

    1. I still use Siri almost everyday.
      Maybe you and your friends just think Siri is for asking stupid questions.

      Any note, dictation, number/address lookup, reminder, text, some mail, and yes some random questions… I use Siri instead of typing.

      Remember that the little mic next to the spacebar on a 4S… Is Siri.

  5. You guys that associate white IPhones with femininity, i supose, are of the crowd who would never wear a pink shirt. Actualy, there is a practical reason for choosing black. Where I work, there is a fine black dust that covers everything and works its way into every crevice. Any scratch or blemish on a white phone will be seen. If I had a neat and tidy desk job I would have a white IPhone. Also, one of those aligator leather cases instead of an Otterbox.

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