HP CEO Whitman sees Apple as personal computer market leader in 2012

In an interview with Le Figaro, HP CEO Meg Whitman stated that Apple may take the PC market lead in 2012, but Hewlett-Packard hopes to reclaim the lead in 2013:

Le Figaro: Apple should become the number one worldwide producer of personal computers in 2012, according to research firm Canalys. Do you have the same forecast?

Meg Whitman: Yes, I think that is possible if you include iPads. Apple carries out formidable work. We need to step up our game and our products to take back first place. Apple may overtake HP in 2012, but we are trying to become the champions again in 2013. We need time for the products that I have helped to develop to arrive on the market.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Meg must have had a good long layover in Amsterdam before she ended up in Paris.


  1. Well, at least she’s being honest, and she realizes the juggernaut Apple has become.

    She could have said that HP will blow Apple out of the water next year, which they obviously don’t have a hope in he** to do, but she didn’t.

    She’s not leading Apple here folks, she’s leading HP.

    1. Meg said “products that I have helped to develop.” She thinks she is the new Steve Jobs at HP and she is the driving force for new products. She doesn’t state that it was the HP ‘team’ that is creating new products.

      Of course Meg has a history of producing hit products, right?

    2. Evidently you are clueless, whether or not HP provides an auto-fellatio mechanism.

      2 things would facilitate your fantasy: doublejointedness and a regimen which would include yoga or long stretching sessions. You might want to wear glasses the first couple of times.

  2. She might do alright at HP. At least she acknowledges the competition!

    It seems the ones who came before her were clueless of the competition (aka Apple). It was like Ballmer’s World… “We are number 1… I love this company!” regardless of the reality.

    1. @Estienne, iPads are already being considered to be a personal computer, which is exactly what they are, along with the iPhone. Just because an iPhone has telephony functions just makes it a personal computer with a built in cellular modem and telephone built into it. It was a stroke of marketing genius to sell the iPhone as a sophisticated mobile phone instead of a pocket or personal computer; Palm and the like had been trying to sell PDA’s for years, and it was only business people who were interested.

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