Apple countersues SGI; wins new round of iPhone 4 design patents in China

“On November 10, 2010, Graphics Properties Holdings, Inc, formerly known as Silicon Graphics, Inc, sued Apple for allegedly infringing on their patent regarding floating point rasterization,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Well, it appears that Apple has decided to counter sue and is now preparing for a showdown,” Purcher reports. “The California courts revealed late last week that Apple had filed two patent infringement cases against Graphics Properties Holdings – though the courts have yet to open the electronic versions of the complaints. While it may be due in-part to the Thanksgiving Holiday schedule, the fact remains that we’re still in the dark as to the details of these filings.”

Purcher reports, “In other IP News today, Apple has won another round of iPhone 4 Design Patents in China.”

Much more in the full article, including Apple’s patent application illustrations, here.


  1. It’ll be interesting to see what Apple could be suing for. I thought that SGI was dead, but they’re on the web and still functioning as a company. Apple, take them out of their misery and crush them.

  2. oh how the mighty have fallen.

    I remember when SGI was a pioneer and innovator. The good old days.

    They also recognized early on that customers might want more than just a plain beige box, even though their customer base was high end commercial 3d workstations.

    I just threw out my last SGI O2+ workstation last year. What an iconic little machine it was. RIP.

    I guess once your talent runs out you become a litigation house with your patent portfolio.

    1. No, it’s once you let the sales guy or accountants run the company that you stop innovating and start living off of past accomplishments. After all, it’s cheaper not to pay for much R&D.

    2. Yep, nothing made me sadder then when SGI started making poorly constructed windows clones… I knew then it was all over but the shouting for them. (what a difference in design between the “windows compatible” crap and the Octane’s they were currently making)

      My first was an indigo -what a machine- (not by today’s standards though ;-))

  3. Patently Apple just put up a new graphic that shows one model of an iPhone adding a raised rim. The chinese patent doesn’t explain the difference but it’s interesting to not. Maybe it’s to help with one measure being considered to protect the glass better.

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