iPhone 4S demand runs high: 85% of Apple Retail Stores see daily sell-outs

“Consumer interest in the iPhone 4S has not waned since the handset went on sale last month, as one new analysis has found most Apple stores run out of stock on a daily basis,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Chris Whitmore with Deutsche Bank issued a note to investors on Monday in which he revealed that a poll of about 30 retail stores revealed Apple is experiencing daily stock-outs of the iPhone 4S at most of them,” Hughes reports. “He said that between 85 percent and 90 percent of stores polled continue to run out of inventory.”

Hughes reports, “As Apple works to keep up with demand at its retail stores, the company is still advertising a wait time of one to two weeks for new iPhone 4S orders placed on its online storefront, both in the U.S. and internationally.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bloodbath.


  1. I tried to get a 4S last night, nope.
    Apple store app said I could reserve a sprint/verizon 4S in 64gb white or black, but that’s it.

    AT&T told me the best way is to just order it online and it will be 2-3 weeks. Or check back everyday with apple…

  2. The secret trick for getting a 4S now is to go pick it up at Radio Shack. It seems to have escaped notice that RS is selling the device. At least where I live, they don’t even have them out on display, but have them in the back is you ask…

  3. I am waiting for the end of November to place my order in order to avoid the upgrade tax from my iPhone4. I get the feeling there may be another wave of folks like me upgrading to the 4S once they are eligible for the lower price …and the stock is down another 3.5 points. WTF!

    1. Double-check your upgrade eligibility date. AT&T appears to have moved late November dates up to the beginning of the month; mine changed without notice, and I’ve heard reports from others as well.

      1. I talked with an AT&T store manager, and posted it here also.

        They allowed iPhone 4 users to upgrade to a 4S 30 early. I ordered my 4 on launch day, nov 24 would be my “release” date, so I have been eligible since oct 24.
        Headed in tonight to order my 4S in black 64gb!

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