Apple is the world’s #1 smartphone maker, not Samsung or any other company

“There has been quite a bit of interesting media and headlines this last week pointing to data related to Samsung’s latest earnings and smartphone shipments. Many are making the claim that Samsung is now the number one smartphone vendor by volume,” ben Bajarin reports for Tech.pinions. “However, when we dig deeper into the numbers we find a different story.”

“First (something that shockingly needs to be continually pointed out), the numbers released in Samsung’s earnings of 27.8 million smart phones shipped is product shipped into the channel not sold to consumers,” Bajarin reports. “Another differentiating point regarding numbers is that Apple actually releases the number of products sold to consumers where many other companies [including Samsung] do not.”

Bajarin reports, “Second, the statement that Samsung is the largest “shipper” of smartphones can only apply to Samsung’s Q3 for 2011 not per anum. Apple still sells annually more smartphones than any other manufacturer.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Exactly as we said on October 20th.

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      1. I’ll raise your bullshit.
        ARM designed the bulk of the processor that Samsung fabs for Apple.
        Apple manufactures nothing. The title is “…#1 smart phone maker…”

      2. Learn to read, too. I said Aoole designed the A5, they do not have a fabrication facility. Thus the other part of my reply, they source multiple suppliers. If you think Samsung manufactures every part of their phones vou are naive.

      3. Bunch of asshats! It’s still Apple’s product whether they outsource manufacturing or not. It’s completely Apple’s design. It’s not Samsung’s A4/A5 chip. It’s not Foxconn’s phone for putting it together either.

        If you really want to nitpick, all of Samsung’s smartphones are Apple’s because Samsung blatantly copies Apple’s designs.

    1. Bullshit to you. Foxconn just puts the pieces together. Apple designed the parts including the A5 chip, sources multiple suppliers, writes the software, creates the packaging, pays for everything including the majority of Foxconn workers salaries, etc…

      1. ARM Holdings did the bulk of the work on the processor and holds the patents to prove it (CPU).

        The bulk of iOS is BSD Unix which is older than Apple.

        Apple contracts for others to assemble for them.

        Apple makes nothing.

        1. Oh, puleez! Apple does indeed license the core of the A5 processor from ARM, but the A5 is a lot more than ARM core. Just because it is fabbed at 3rd party foundry does not make it someone else’s processor. No other manufacturer produces a smartphone with an A5 processor. NEXT was the prime designer of the Mach Kernal in Apple’s OS X and iOS, and iOS is uniquely Apple regardless of its BSD roots. It doesn’t matter who assembles the design. Apple MAKES the iPhone; they are the genesis.

          1. You can’t just come in here and feed logic to a troll!

            People will soon say the Chinese deserve all the credit because they are the ones technically ‘making’ the phone. Apple doesn’t contribute anything, they just slap their logo on it. The OS just comes out from the ground.

            1. Larry Boy….The OS didn’t come out of the ground, it evolved. Just like DNA. Time and chance baby, those programmers are window dressing. No IQ necessary.

              Sorry, all the credit goes back to the Chinese for final assembly in the plant apple bought the equipment for.

          1. Yes, how quickly people forget. Or the youngsters who know everything weren’t actually born when Apple helped create ARM, so I should be nice and give them a pass.

    2. Apple conceives it, then designs it, then prototypes it, then tests it and then sends a bill of materials and assembly instructions to a factory.

      I don’t think there’s really much dispute about who makes Apple Computers.

  1. Only a two-syllable fecal response, eh, pap? Your intelligence is surpassed only by your command of the English language. Apple OWNS the iPhone AND markets it. But, then, you knew that; you just wanted to potty in the sandbox and see if anyone paid you any attention. Pathetic.

  2. If you announce sales numbers, you are proud of them.

    If you hide sales numbers, you are embarrassed by them.

    There’s absolutely no way Samsung is number one. They would have told the world over and over again if they were.

  3. This is serious business. Some “respectable” but well-known Apple-disliking websites such as BBC have been trumpeting this “Samsung-is-No.-1” crap ever since the figures came out. In fact, they’ve been shameless enough to compare Samsung’s shipped figure to Apple’s 17-million-sold figure and declare Samsung the winner. And of course, that shameless Microsoft propaganda site which specializes in videos of burping babies, cute cats and Kim Kardashian capers, actually had a link to the story earlier today that stated quite boldly: “Samsung outsells Apple” or words to that effect.

    If Samsung had indeed outsold Apple, they would have done a TV special and invited the world’s press!

  4. Perhaps Samsung wishes to keep sales figures out of public view in lieu of a pending patent fight loss. If Apple demands a per unit share license fee the larger shipment figure could prove an Achilles heel to Samsung.

  5. bajarin pretends to be on the side of apple when actually he is perpetuating the lie that samdung shipped 27 million iPhones. Samdung does not divulge unit sales. The number was pulled out of the ass by an anal at strategic something.

    Bajarin like others want to repeat the lie, a take from goebbels repeating a lie often enough and it will be accepted as the truth.

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