Top 10 secret Siri commands

TiPb has compiled a list of their top 10 secret Siri commands:

• [Punctuation/symbols/emoticons]
• Play playlist
• Find all email by [contact]
• What’s on my calendar for [date]
• Search [Bing/Yahoo]
• Search [Google/Bing/Yahoo] for [specialized information] [time] [place]
• Who was in the cast of [movie]
• Delete all alarms
• Message [Social network] [Status]. (For Twitter, Facebook, or another social network that lets you update via SMS)
• Restart

Read more, including explanations of the 10 commands listed above, the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: One of our favorites is one we use all the time when running errands: “Siri, remind me to get [items] in [number] minutes.” What are your most valuable Siri commands?


  1. There was this one demo video, where a lady tells Siri something like “Remind me to call [person] when I leave the store in five minutes”.

    Now, Siri knew the “five minutes”, and I know it can do time-related things. But what if you leave it off? “Remind me when I leave the store”. Can Siri use the location service to tell when or if you are outside the store, regardless of time intervals?

    Because, that would be cool beyond comprehension.

      1. If you ask for a reminder (as detailed by MDN in the Take) does it create an entry in the Reminders app? If it does, does that reminder go away once you do it? Is there a way to verbally tell Siri that you’ve just did something and it will delete the reminder from the Reminders app (if one was created at all)?

  2. Siri can do some useful calculations for you:

    “calculate $23.35 plus sales tax”
    Siri will look up the sales tax for your current location and compute it for you.

    Another useful one:
    “what is a 20% tip on $80.23 for 4 people?”

      1. now lill’ phil , thats not quite right in Oz there are plenty of service industry jobs that rely on tipping, though the service industies in the states can show the world a thing or two about tipping and why they lead !

  3. The most useful for me so far have been “read text message”. “Reply” and “Text (name) and tell them (whatever). I’m sure I’ll fine even more useful commands as I further explore the interface.

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