Apple iOS 5’s Newsstand boosts Future Publishing’s sales by 750%

Future Publishing has smashed the two million downloads mark in the four days since Apple unveiled the Newsstand functionality as part of its eagerly expected iOS 5 last week.

Future launched more than 50 titles on Newsstand when it launched last Thursday, making it the most prolific publisher in the space. The mix of free, paid-for and premium products has attracted over two million downloads, and represents consumer spending well in excess of normal monthly revenues.

Future UK CEO Mark Wood said in a statement: “Future had sold more digital editions in the past four days through Apple’s Newsstand than in a normal month. It’s clear that Newsstand creates an amazing opportunity for publishers – and I’m committed to continue driving our brands through this great new distribution channel. We plan to include more sampler issues in every magazine container in coming weeks, as well as uploading high price-point bookazines and premium one-shot titles.”

Newsstand allows users of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to find digital newspaper and magazine products in one dedicated place on the App Store, and organize them in one easy-to-organize bookshelf. New purchases go directly to your Newsstand folder. Then, as new issues become available, Newsstand automatically updates them in the background — complete with the latest covers.

At launch Future has over 50 titles on Newsstand, including T3, Total Film, Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, Edge, Procycling, Digital Camera,, and Mac|Life. Many of the products are ‘wrapped’ in software Future developed.

Source: Future Publishing Limited.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” and “Dan King” for the heads up.]


    1. You can _Bill_ but you have to know how – essentially you have to add it to a folder as that folder is being formed by another operation.

      It took me 8 goes to get it right…

    2. The Newsstand app icon is really a special folder itself. iOS is not meant to allow folders within folders, so there is no simple way to get Newsstand inside another folder, although it is not impossible. I’ve decided that it’s worth the trouble for me.

  1. I tried Newstand this weekend. Several titles were described as free. However once you DL the title you are office choices of different issues all for a fee.
    I probably would have tried an issue as a trial but not if I have to pay first.

  2. Will be interesting to see if this trend continues after the novelty wears off.

    The Daily also had a good start, but readership has declined since then.

    Any other examples I missed?

    1. alan, 750% figure is based on this statement “Future had sold more digital editions in the past four days through Apple’s Newsstand than in a normal month.” Here’s how you calculate:
      750% = 7.5
      7.5=30 days (a month sale)/4 days (number of days Apple’s Newsstand takes to exceed a normal month)

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