Twitter CEO: Apple, ‘our corporate mentor,’ signups up over 3 times with iOS 5 Twitter integration

“Twitter has only just begun to see the effects of its integration with iOS 5, the newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. But just days after iOS 5′s debut last week, the microblogging startup has already gotten a major lift from the big partnership,” Colleen Taylor reports for GigaOM.

“Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said in an on-stage conversation with John Battelle at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco Monday evening… [that] Twitter saw its daily signups for the service via iOS devices such as the iPhone and the iPad go up more than three times on the first day of iOS 5′s availability October 12,” Taylor reports. “‘Those guys [at Apple] are an amazing partner for us,’ Costolo said. ‘[At Twitter] we’re going to offer simplicity in a world of complexity… they’re a corporate mentor to us.’

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[Attribution: AppleInsider. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


    1. True. Then again, the website is annoying on older iPhones – the content doesn’t load immediately – it’s all loaded via Javascript, so you get a blank window for a while after the page-loading progress bar indicates that the page is done. There’s nothing to show that Twitter is actually working. I found it really annoying to use on my old iPhone 3GS – it would take almost 30 seconds to load a post of profile.

      Then again, now that I’ve got an iPhone 4S, I guess I should stop caring about folks who don’t have the newest devices, just like Twitter apparently has, right?

      It’s strange to me that a site that limits posts to 140 characters and seemingly tries to keep things simple would have a website that is so dynamically-driven that older devices are crushed by it.

      1. i know what you’re saying. i’m still on a iPhone 3G and loading the content on the facebook app….my god, what a pain!! with this last update is quite better, but still.
        got get me on of those 4S =)

  1. I was an early adopter with Twitter and abandoned my account after 3 months. I still don’t get what use it is except a great time waster. Can anybody tell me how it is useful again?

    1. 1. Take that inane statement and opinion of your’s, and trim it down to 140 characters. Here, I will help:
      “I was an early adopter with Twitter and abandoned my account after 3 months. I still don’t get what use it is except a great time waster. ”

      2. Follow as many people as you can, in hopes they will feel guilty enough that you are following them that they should follow you.

      3. Post said inane opinion on whatever topic you care about and therefore think others should do

      4. (Bonus Step) Before posting, add a #randomhashtag to see if others will add it to their posts and become a trending topic for the day

      5. Sit back and watch the sarcastic response from others on the Internet as they thinly vail sarcasm in the guise of “helping”

      6. Forgive the responders for said sarcasm as they are not mean people, but simply cannot help themselves 🙂

        1. Okay, here are the results

          In American English, the forms usually are:
          get (infinitive)
          got (past tense)
          gotten (past participle)

          while in British they are:
          get (infinitive)
          got (past tense)
          got (past participle)

          Thanks, Siri.

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