Apple’s iPhone 4S likely to eclipse iPad 2’s Guiness World Record for fastest selling CE product

“Apple has sold more than 4m of its new iPhone 4S smartphones in just three days since its launch, with handsets snapped up at a speed that is likely to set the record for the world’s fastest selling consumer electronics gadget,” Juliette Garside and Charles Arthur report for The Guardian.

“The previous record was set by the iPad 2, which sold at least 156,000 units per day during its first 80 days, outstripping Microsoft’s Kinect gaming system – at 100,000 per day in its first 60 days,” Garside and Arthur report. “The 4S, which went on sale on Friday, sold more than 1m units per day on its opening weekend. ‘We eagerly await an official announcement from Apple on sales figures,’ said Damian Field, a spokesman for the Guinness World Records. ‘If the 4S exceeds 156k per day sell-through rate, and this can be independently verified, the 4S will take the record.'”

Garside and Arthur report, “Apple said that it already has 25 million customers using the new version of its mobile operating system, iOS 5, despite launching the software only last Wednesday. Ignoring iPhone 4S buyers, who would have it pre-installed, that would mean that 21 million people upgraded their phones or iPads in the past five days. Apple also said that 20 million people have signed up for its iCloud service, which provides wireless synchronisation of photos, music, apps and other data.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In related news, Apple’s license to print money has now been upgraded from Ridiculous to Ludicrous. Tomorrow around 4:30pm Eastern, Apple begins laying down a trail of plaid.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “krquet” for the heads up.]

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  1. “Ignoring iPhone 4S buyers, who would have it pre-installed, that would mean that 21 million people upgraded their phones or iPads in the past five days.”

    That’s bad math, since a large number of these iPhone 4S sales haven’t been delivered yet. There should be more than 21 million iOS upgraders.

  2. I am in St. Louis — and an AAPL stockholder. All my buddies are trying to decide which bar is best to watch the World Series. All I care about finding a bar that carries the live Apple conference call tomorrow! Go AAPL!!!! (I need a giant foam finger with an Apple logo…)

  3. Last year, during both iPhone 4 and iPad releases, Apple had exhausted the stockpile too early. MDN had rightfully criticised their lack of foresight then. This year, stock and channel supplies looked promising enough, until all of a sudden:
    Apple is limiting iPhone 4S store sales to reservations only

    “Signs Apple’s stock of the iPhone 4S were running low manifested themselves Monday with a quiet update to its How To Buy page. Both the American and Canadian sites now tell visitors that the new iPhone is only available at retail “by reservation only” after 9PM. It had previously left the option of an on-the-spot purchase.

    “Apple hasn’t yet run out at stores, although checks have suggested that the first batch may be near exhausted.”

    [more at the source]

    To be fair, I’m not sure what more Apple could have done this year; selling 4M in 3 days is remarkable (plus the new cloud support).

  4. Apple took what was already (and still) the most popular smartphone in the world (more than one year after its release), and made it better. Better speed, better camera, better antenna, with Siri, and same great looks.

    The iPhone 3GS was when iPhone sales really took off, and many of those iPhone 3GS owners had expired two-year contracts just waiting to be upgraded. And (in the U.S. market), whereas the iPhone 4 launch was on AT&T only, this launch has Verizon from the start AND adds Sprint to the mix.

    What were people expecting? That imaginary “iPhone 5” would NOT have done better. Save the major appearance re-design for when iPhone 4 owners have expiring two-year contracts… next year.

  5. Sigh. Meanwhile, this disappointed Verizon customer still doesn’t have a phone, and I preordered on October 9th, just two days after they opened the books.


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