Apple’s Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 imminent

“Apple Inc. is believed to be all set to release a new Mac OS X Lion update on coming Oct 12, according to new reports,” Ravi Mandalia reports for ITProPortal.

“The company announced, during the iPhone 4S launch event, that iCloud was on its way and that it will be aimed at all mobile devices powered by the iOS 5 and Mac OS X 10.7,” Mandalia reports. “Developers who were testing [iCloud] earlier, were doing it on the Mac OS X 10.7.2 – a yet to be released version of the Mac OS platform.”

Mandalia reports, “Cupertino based iPad 2 maker has scheduled the launch of the iOS 5, as well as the iCloud on the same day (Oct 12, 2011), which will soon be followed by the launch of the iPhone 4S on Oct 14.”

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    1. Still signs of red eyes here, as well …… Steve is watching I’m sure …..

      iPhone For Steve or 4S is going to be a huge hit, I am already liking the fact I buy an APP on my iPad only to see on wife’s as weel, nice and it saves time …..

      Soon to come will be more improvements in battery life perhaps thru solar, sync improvements and Siri improvements – remember Siri is still beta but gotta be pretty good for Apple to release in Beta ……

      TV and who knows what else …… And remember Apple has great designers and engineers – Tim Cook wants world domination in iPhones and the like, watch Apple grow by leaps and bounds …..

      1. I sure hope Tim Cook warm and cuddly side shows up at the next presentation. Presenters are like people getting married like a nervous doe in the headlights and their natural relaxed personality fails to come through being so uptight. Jobs could have given a rat’s ass and you could tell it was just Steve talking to us all as if we were the only ones in the room. Seems like it should be easy but I guess it isn’t. Even though you knew he was careful to rehearse it still came off very natural and he was able to be spontaneous as well. Because it was so natural for Steve Jobs it made it seem like we all knew him personally. And I think that’s why it feels like an old friend has died. Also why the more sensitive of us to be hair trigger on tears when the reality strikes us again and again.

        1. Tim and the rest of the top Apple execs (the ones who were “on stage”) certainly knew about Steve’s condition at the time of the presentation. Although it was not obvious when I first watched the presentation, it’s obvious (in hindsight) they were all very sad. Even Phil Schiller was not his usual happy and upbeat self. And it makes a lot more sense why they did not reserve much bigger stage at Moscone Center for this event.

          But I think they still did a pretty good job, and they will be even better the next time.

            1. The point is, if Apple wanted a larger stage for this one, they could have had it. If Apple wanted to stream it live, they could have. They understandably needed this event to be lower key than usual.

        2. First of all, @ken1w is correct: Tim Cook and the other presenters definitely knew that Steve was close to death. Unless you’ve been in their position yourself, it is impossible to imagine how hard it is to put on a brave face and go on with the show when your heart is so unbearably heavy.

          Second: For my money, Time Cook can be any way he wants to be onstage. He reminds me of a military general, only he’s in the computer business and he is totally committed to Apple. The company could be in no better hands, given the circumstances. Time Cook does not have to entertain us the way Steve did so naturally. His mission is to pilot the Apple ship on the course Steve set for it, and this he will do with great skill and devotion. What more could we ask for? Perhaps there’s another wild and crazy young high-tech visionary floating around out there somewhere who will bump into Apple someday (or start his own Apple in another garage) and have his chance to change history the way Steve did. It seems very unlikely that another “Steve Jobs” will come along in our lifetime (in the lifetime of us old-timers, at least) but you never know.

      2. The only reason siri is in “beta” is because it doesn’t support all the languages that the iPhone supports yet. I believe it only does english, french, and one other. Thankfully, I get to try it out in two languages!!! 😀

    2. The world still doesn’t feel quite the same… I never met Steve Jobs, but he has been a part of my life for a long time.

      A flame of genius has been extinguished. Steve Jobs is dead, but may his legacy live long!

      1. For me, seeing the first Mac was a kind of “enlightenment” experience, a point of no return. A few years later, I met Steve Jobs while working at Adobe, where he often gave informal talks in the cafeteria. Knowing Steve as I do now, after watching the masterful presentations he gave us again and again during Apple’s unbelievable rise to power, the confidence, energy and laser-focus of the young Steve Jobs I knew in the 80’s seem all the more amazing.

        It is a tragedy when the human race fails to recognize greatness until it is gone. I am thankful that, in this instance, the light of Steve’s brilliance floaded the whole high-tech universe at the height of his creative powers. The whole world has benefited. Not bad for a day’s work.

  1. Small correction, Apple doesn’t and has never wanted world domination… well, maybe when Steve wasn’t there 🙂

    By showing those tiny slivers of marketshare, they weren’t saying, WE WANT ALLA DIS!!!, they were saying,”We could double our business year over year for the next 20 years and would still have room to grow.

    1. Yes, Lion has been a total unmitigated disaster. The App store reviews as well as the discussion group at Apple’s support forums has shown clearly that Apple MUFFED this up big time. Lion is without a doubt the very worst OS X release ever. I am nailed to Snow Leopard. I would not touch Lion with a 100 foot pole.

      1. by “unmitigated disaster” do you mean the fastest selling OS update in the history of Apple. if so then yes it has been. have fun staying on SL and not enjoying iCloud.

        1. Lion is neither the “unmitigated disaster” some claim (everybody loves a good train wreck, right?) nor the trouble-free success story that others would have us believe. However, it’s a fact that Apple customers have downloaded 6 million copies of Lion, which is alot of copies no matter which way you look at it. A few hundred loud complaints (this is probably what we’re talking about, if truth be told) is barely a drop in the bucket compared to 6 million. It’s just not true that Lion is a disaster. If this were true, given the download numbers, there would be picket lines outside Apple headquarters. On the other hand, some customers are extremely unhappy—although many of these have no one but themselves to blame.

          1. Just because MS windows is running on 92%+ of Enterprise desktops doesn’t make it a success, 6 million downloads of Lion does not make it a success.

            Apple Lion on a new machine for me is a joke. I brought a new machine with Lion and many upgraded with the same problems. 1. battery life cut in half and Mac Mail (via Exchange) totally unstable. I switched from PC to MAC over 3 years ago and loved my 3+ years almost error free experiences. LION reminds me of Vista. 10.7.2. better fix these issues, on my brand new 8GB, 5122GB SSD, 15″ MacBook Pro else it’s going back!!!

            1. You’re totally missing the point. 6 million downloads is a fairly sizeable sample. If Lion were really a terrible disaster, the volume of complaints would be orders of magnitude greater than it is in fact. For you personally, Lion may not work very well. But your experience is obviously not the experience of the vast majority or the internet would be totally overwhelmed with complaits. This is simply not the case.

  2. As someone who is actually using Lion, I would say it’s far from perfect, but absolutely not “a total unmitigated disaster. There are certain things that I wish it did or did not do but it’s perfectly usable. For me , one of the most important things is that it does work with Dragon Dictate which I use almost daily for school work. I don’t think you can call something a disaster unless you have used it yourself for more than 5 minutes at a store. Or, if you are going to call it that, say “in my humble opinion or imho”.

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