TIME Magazine’s special Steve Jobs issue now available on iPad, newsstands

TIME Magazine had released a special commemorative issue on Steve Jobs that hit newsstands and iPads today, Friday, October 7.

The magazine is increasing its print run for this special issue, which will be available worldwide.

To produce this special issue, TIME stopped the presses on its previously planned issue in order to devote its cover and 21 pages of the full issue to Jobs’ life and career. The issue includes a six-page essay by Jobs’ biographer Walter Isaacson, a historical report on Jobs career by TIME technology reporters Harry McCracken and Lev Grossman and a photo essay by Diana Walker, who has been shooting Jobs for TIME since 1982.

The cover image is a photograph of Jobs taken by Norman Seeff in 1984. This is the seventh time Jobs has appeared on the cover of TIME.

Time Magazine, October 17, 2011, Steve Jobs

The issue costs US4.99 for iPad and is available via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.


    1. Not to bash time or anything, but every famous person has their own story like this ready to go at a moments notice. Time had this “issue” ready probably years ago, just update it from time to time with recent events.

      Already planning to drive around and find this and the bloomberg one when I get off work tonight. (stuff like this I want the physical copy)

  1. Dang it!! I was just at B&N and couldn’t find either this one or the Bloomberg one . . . yes, i’ll get it for the iPad, but i also want hard copies too.

    1. Same… Will keep trying till I get them both.

      And Abdullah, i want the physical copy.. But that does not mean I won’t get the iPad version also.

      Collecting the special issues like this, I have always done.

      1. Got iPad, hitting news stands tomorrow for print, and I will pickup two or three print copies, they will make great “lesson books” for my GrandKids ……..

  2. I downloaded it this early this morning. It was nice and there were some nice photos,however I expected a lot more for such a great man. An entire special edition would have been more appropriate.

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