Steve Jobs’ secret legacy: Dying Apple boss left plans for four years of new products

“Despite knowing he was dying, Steve Jobs worked for more than a year on the products that he believed would safeguard the company’s future,” David Gardner and Ted Thornhill report for The Mail Online. “It was also revealed today that Jobs fought hard to get plans approved for a spaceship-style company headquarters in California.”

“He has also been overseeing the development of the delayed iCloud project, which will allow Apple users to store their music, photos and other documents remotely and masterminding updated versions of the iPod, iPad, iPhone and MacBooks, ensuring at least four years’ worth of products are in the pipeline, according to Apple sources,” Gardner and Thornhill report.

“Jobs died on Wednesday, aged 56, following a lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer,” Gardner and Thornhill report. “Within minutes of his passing being confirmed, tributes had been paid by world leaders, the most famous technology bosses and fans throughout the world.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Citymark” for the heads up.]


  1. This doesn’t surprise me at all. I had already imagined he had done such a thing: holding numerous brainstorming sessions with his peers to chart Apple’s future. Can you even imagine what’s on those plans?

  2. Kind of heartbreaking to know Steve will not ever see the final products borne from his future insights. Half the pleasure was to know that steve was using the exact same products I had on my desk. Real shame he could not have been with us a little longer.

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  3. For anyone who has read Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” novels…

    I picture Steve Jobs appearing as a pre-recorded hologram, once a year at a VERY secret meeting of Apple’s top execs. He then carefully describes what Apple should do that year, and says good-bye… until next year.

    1. Ha!

      I had an idea for a comic where in 2017 Tim cook introduces us to the Steve Jobs Keynote Presentation Hologram.

      Half way through, the hologram starts to fade…
      and Tim Cook yells at the audience for not turning off their Wi-Fi.

      Would have been funny last year…

    2. Ken – brilliant! Jobs IS Hari Seldon! He really does appear to have had incredible foresight over the last 25 years. Could Apple University be his Foundation…? 😉

  4. This is a tabloid, so “four year” could be “three years” as well as” fourteen years”, it is all usually made-up.

    I would suppose that that Jobs oversees concrete products for this and the following year — iPad 3, iPhone 6 (the fifth generation is already taken by iPhone 4S), services, maybe something new else that we do not know year.

    But I am sure he conceptualized some approaches and products for like five years or something. However, concrete rendition of these products will already only depend on Apple’s team.

    But iPad 3 and iPhone 6, maybe major iMac/MacPro updates that might come next year, some new services for next year — all of this is designed under direct control of Jobs (even though in lesser degree in details since he was ill this year).

  5. October 5, 2014: “Hey, Schiller! Yeah, I’m looking at you, d-bag. Put the freakin’ Angry Birds down and pay attention… I swear to God, Tim, you better start cracking the whip on these clowns… OK, where was I… Oh, yeah… If you’re like me, you were always intrigued by those Star Trek transporters. Presenting… iBeam.”

  6. Thinking about iPad 3 and iPhone 6 makes me notice they’re three years apart. It’s a nice pattern.

    How about iTV 1 with iPad 4 & iPhone 7? New product every three years for… How long?

  7. 2014 is when we get Colors…just like the nanos. There will be iMacs, mac minis, airs, towers, phones, ipod touches with built in laser projectors, 7 flavors Avacodo, Mustard, Ketchup, peanut butter, brazilian pink, yellow, blue and one more thing, a Beatles Nano with box set with every single Beatles song commercially released and 2 lost tracks.

  8. How do they figure on this four years pipeline? For all products or just certain ones? Is this four years based on a yearly product cycle? Apparently there are investors that believe the company died along with Steve because they keep talking about Apple’s uncertain future without Steve Jobs. I don’t really quite understand that. The future is uncertain for any company since even one event can change things. I never hear Wall Street talking about Amazon’s, Microsoft’s or Google’s uncertain future. Apple alone seems to hold the record for having an uncertain future. I’d sure like to know the requirements of a company to guarantee a certain future.

    If Apple builds good products at a fair price and continues giving good customer support, I honestly don’t see why Apple should suddenly fall into collapse even though Steve Jobs is gone. Is there really some sort a trick to building reliable products that consumers enjoy using? It was said that Steve paid an awful lot of attention to details to polish up a product but couldn’t at least a couple of people be given the authority to do that to at least get close to what Steve did.

    Unless Steve really just cracked heads all the time and had everyone terrified, then maybe Apple will fall apart because they’ll never get anyone else that can do that. I just find it hard to believe that’s the only way you can build very good products. But then again, I don’t run a business, so what do I really know.

    1. That’s interesting…

      Maybe there is an AI Steve Jobs lurking on Apple’s servers. That’s the true purpose of the NC “data center.” Siri is merely a consumer byproduct of creating AI Steve.

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