Steve Jobs to live on, virtually, in Apple University

“Apple Inc. now has to get down to the business of surviving its founder,” Jessica Guynn reports for The Los Angeles Times. “It’s something that Apple — and Steve Jobs himself — had been painstakingly planning for years.”

“Deep inside its sprawling Cupertino, Calif., campus, one of the world’s most successful and secretive companies has had a team of experts hard at work on a closely guarded project,” Guynn reports. “But it isn’t a cool new gadget. It’s an executive training program called Apple University that Jobs considered vital to the company’s future: Teaching Apple executives to think like him.”

Guynn reports, “‘Steve was looking to his legacy. The idea was to take what is unique about Apple and create a forum that can impart that DNA to future generations of Apple employees,’ said a former Apple executive who spoke on the condition of anonymity to preserve his relationship with the company. ‘No other company has a university charged with probing so deeply into the roots of what makes the company so successful.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Matthew C.” for the heads up.]


  1. Apple University will be make sure Steve’s DNA is taught!

    hopefully it will work, as you can’t teach talent, only intelligence.
    Steve excelled in both. hence the genius.

    funny, the only other time you think of corporate universities, is McDonald’s. but why would such a junk product require university degrees? which schmuck can’t boil water or fry belgian fries or burn a carton-burger?

    1. Kinda answered your own question there… lol! Maybe that’s why they are so successful… You’re not from the U.S. Are you? I’ve never heard the term carton burger before.

      1. what’s your point about me answering my own question?
        i said junk food like McDo wouldn’t require a university.
        but an Apple Inc university would be necessary.

        yes i am from usa!
        carton-burger just means McD burgers are so thin & the meat so fake, it tastes like wet carton, it’s paper-thin. it’s total junk. even Burger Kings is better. but it’s all unhealthy & tasteless & classless. it’s not considered food or cuisine anywhere else.

        anyway, the point is that the Apple University concept to teach Steve’s DNA is great. if it works. since talent is innate, not taught. you can only go so far when taught, as with Steve’s replacement CEO Tim Cook. however, the question remains to be seen, whether Apple can survive beyond Steve’s 5-10 year plan, when the DNA is put to the test, since it was impossible to clone Steve and it’s all theory.

        of course, i would love Apple to resume its amazing course. an idiot would want it to fail, just because they love the competition, though it’s always copied, for the worst.

        1. Fast food looks easy because McD’s spends a lot of time and effort to train their key managers how to do it – and then train their line employees to do their tasks. It’s called the McDonalds system, and it has since spread through the industry. Consistency is always hard. Always.

  2. My hearth goes out to Tim Cook and comrades that gave the iPhone 4S keynote most certainly knowing Steve’s immediate condition. Not sure I could of done that.

    Long live Apple.

      1. Why do so many people on here insist on correcting grammar in fellow posters?

        It just makes you look like a tosser. Your not his English teacher…… least I’d say that is exceedingly unlikely 🙂

  3. The sure way for the legacy of Steve to live on is to support Apple and the team.
    Apple will still get the best innovative people to soar to greater heights in the future.
    Steve had made teamwork Apple’s main asset.

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