Obama got presidential iPad 2 from Steve Jobs ahead of public launch

“US President Barack Obama revealed Monday that he received his iPad directly from Apple founder Steve Jobs ahead of the release of the hot-selling tablet computer,” AFP reports.

“‘I’ve got an iPad,’ Obama said in an interview with ABC News and Yahoo,” AFP reports. “‘Steve Jobs actually gave it to me a little bit early,’ he said. ‘It was cool. I got it directly from him.'”

AFP reports, “Obama has acknowledged owning an iPad previously and has been photographed with what appears to be an iPad 2, the model which went on sale in March.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. I,I,I,I,I; ME, ME, ME, ME. Does this one man wrecking machine ever talk about anything but himself and hating “rich” people????????? We are living in the twilight zone. Vote all of the commies out next year and save the US.

      1. You’re right. He’s such a self absorbed douche. When he destroys the economy with “Stimulus” handouts to cronies and TARP, he runs around and demands congress “do something” to “create jobs”.

        Here’s the thing. Jobs only come from the private sector. The only reason we’re short on jobs is the public sector is too big.

        Every fat government employee siting on their ass in washington, taking home $100k a year and costing taxpayers $200k a year, is destroying 20 $100k a year private sector jobs– EVERY YEAR.

        Over ten years, that’s 200 jobs cumulative, which, by the way, would be paying $6M in income taxes.

        so, when you see massive deficits and not enough job,s you know the problem is there are too many government employees. Get rid of 50-100,000 of them, and in about 10 years the deficits will be a lot smaller, not just from the savings, but from the increased tax base.

        1. I our country is not careful, in the very bear future we will reach a point when 50% or more of those employed have government jobs. Once that point is reached, how har do you think it will be to shrink the government and make it more efficient when that 50% is goin to vote for bigger government to ensure they keep their jobs! Something needs done now So we don’t get to that point.

          1. Stop producing THINGS over seas.
            MADE IN AMERICA… international trade sucks.
            CHINA and KOREA are laughing at NORTHAMERICA.
            IT was a slow drain but now your country USA is in troubles and NO ONE going to help you. RETURN all productions to AMERICA. KEEP the DOLLAR inside. BOYCOT all things not made in USA. AFTER all this is what the other cultures do when living in USA – they buy knowing well it BENEFITS their people back home. The immigrant living in USA send most likely half their earnings and send it back home from where they came. MONEY FLOWING out of USA is a slow and painful economical drain. THEN to be paying for overseas companies to build products THIS IS NOT WORKING well. OBAMA ned to see this. ONLY the high earning CEOs of USA benefit and earn6 figures… THERE IS AN ECONOMICAL WAR going on – the cultures of the EAST are winning putting pressure on the CHRISTIAN based laws and feeling they are being discriminated to see a Christmas tree or Halloween candy. THEY want us to stop saying prayer in the schools in the morning – offensive and what happens the democratic society adapts to these new immigrants – weak? YEAH something is very wrong. CHANEG IS NEEDED FAST.

      2. Willard, you’ll be happy to know that Obama has been shrinking the size of federal government from the record-breaking grossesse that the Bush administration grew it. Of course, that doesn’t stop whiners from blaming him for everything and expecting him to solve everything instantly. Sorry, it doesn’t happen that way.

        Also, i don’t know any commies in government today. Elected officials from both political parties are essentially puppets of the corporations that funded their campaigns. If you don’t like what’s happening in government, follow the money. Corporate corruption, not Obama, is the key problem facing the USA today.

        Engineer, indeed you are far off base. Public sector employment is additive to private sector employment. Economically, there is no substantial difference. Moreover, if the private sector is responsible for all job creation in your opinion, then what exactly is stopping cash-filled corporations from expanding? They’re not in debt. They have ample cash on balance sheets. Obama is not standing in their way. The Obama administration has pursued essentially an identical laissez-faire domestic policy as the several presidents before him — except of course that TARP is the Bush administration’s folly — a massive transfer of public funds to corporate entities, which the Obama administration regrettably continued. So how is that different than the wasteful Bush Sr “Star Wars” pork, the Clinton F22 program (most expensive military program in the history of the world), or any other prior administrations’ wasteful gifts to corporate supporters?

        1. Mike, your comment is hopelessly out of place in this discussion….

          …because you use objectivity, logic, and rational thought (as well as proper grammar and spelling) unlike those to whom you replied.

          Seriously, nice post. 🙂


  1. Nice,

    But nowadays, I dont care what the president is given, I am interested on what he can contribute to the nation’s economy.

    Come on obama. At least find a way to improve the economy.

    1. no – fallow STEVE JOBS example – lower the top bracket of earnings to the CEOS.
      Jobs took 1 dollar pay every year.
      What an amazing gesture of kindness and leadership. An example to all TOP LEVELS in corporate America. Change needs to be felt with at the TOP. ITs the top who are killing America. JObs – yes has his stocks and he certain never cam across as a greedy man. And more so hE loves what he does – Apple has been his pride and joy.

    1. And put those Billions where? Only so much going to R&D and those idiots protesting Wall Street for every reason under the sun, Apple dares not want to invest in Capitalism for their future.

      1. Would be nice to see Americans building some of the products from Apple that we all love. Perhaps there’s a way to do some of that with those billions,with a B, that are sitting over there. Apple has an incredible margin for their products. Not to sound like a liberal but cut back on the profit some so we can put some of that money we spend on Apple stuff to work in OUR country. I am a Apple share holder so I want to make money but helping our own people seems to be something we should all be in favor of. Just a thought. No, I didn’t vote for Obama. No, I don’t think he’s doing a good job. Yes, we need leadership in the white house and congress. They all suck!

        1. Good idea. You Americans make your own iPads, iPods, iPhones and Macs. You Americans pay three times as much for your Apple hardware as everyone else in the World. You give the new Apple employees your own ‘living wages’. Most of you would switch to Android and Windows and watch Apple products gather dust on abandoned Apple Store shelves.

          I can see the recession ending real soon.

          1. NO – prices remain and APPLE profits the same.
            Those in America want jobs this is the pay rate.
            Otherwise, money leaves America and funds the other nations right? Change is needed.

      2. Capitalism and Democracy is not prefect but it sure is a better system to live under. Bring the products home to USA. Get the people to work. Educated people or not need realize times are too tough. CHange is needed. Bring it home.

  2. President, not dictator. You want lower taxes talk to your Congresspeople. Maybe you’ve noticed, anything the President suggests gets sat upon by that august body. And Presidents don’t get to pass budgets or make laws.

    1. You mean like his plan to nationalize the car companies, the insurance industry, his “stimulus” handout to cronies? Those things were sat on?

      The reason we don’t have enough jobs is that Obama has been TOO successful at getting his job destroying policies passed.

  3. If his message were “I’m cool,” Obama would simply inform us that he uses an iPad.

    But Obama said that “Steve Jobs actually gave it to me a little bit early … [and] I got it directly from him.”

    That’s equivalent to announcing that “Steve Jobs likes me and singled me out for special treatment.” That’s an attempt to raise his stature by linking his name with Jobs.

  4. Hmmmmmmmmmm you seem angry. “You Americans”? You’re not? Then perhaps you should let us try to fix our problems and you (where ever you are) live your lives as you see fit? I think you underestimate Americans. In particular Apple Americans. We’re not a selfish slice of life you know. We do have morals and scruples and would support Apple if they produced them here. Maybe we would pay a little more and Apple could make a little less in their margins. Last time I looked Apple had quite a pile of cash. It could work to some degree. Every little bit helps when people are out of work. Sorry you have such pent up anger. But you’re entitled to your opinion. Prick.

  5. Back in the 70s, there was much talk about the “silent majority,” meaning political and social conservatives. Researchers discovered however, not only were these the minority, they were also the most vocal, complaining bitterly on talk radio, writing letters, and scolding all the time about how liberals, Democrats, women’s liberationists, hippies, immigrants, etc were ruining the country. Pretty much as it is now, including the posts here.

    1. There was no talk radio in the 70’s.

      Also, the group you mentioned was mostly made up of people who had lived through WWII and The Great Depression, our Greatest Generation. They would be called ‘Conservatives’ now, but back then they were simply normal, moderate Americans.

      I think your beef is with the Moral Majority of the next decade (the 80s).

      1. Where were you when I needed ya? Lol.
        The minorities were far more vocal. The rest just sat back quiet – worry free because – hey, we out number them. It wasn’t good to oppose – or debate things – only to listen. And the constant bickering and complaining grew tiresome to hear – and the majority looked the other way – ignored what was happening. That freedom fuelled the opposite side to push more – they saw opportunity as if the other side had caved or backed down – the minorities won.

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