What to expect from Apple’s ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event next Tuesday, October 4th

“It has taken Apple longer to update this generation of its iPhone product line than any other transition since the device was launched in 2007, and the company hasn’t missed a beat: iPhone sales continue to soar despite the age of the iPhone 4, showing just how strongly consumers continue to value the iPhone at this point in history,” Tom Krazit writes for mocoNews. “Next week Apple is expected to unveil a new iPhone alongside the introduction of iOS 5 and its iCloud Web services product, and here’s a short list of what to expect from the event.”

Krazit covers:
• iPhone 5 and/or iPhone 4S
• Voice-friendly “Assistant”
• Launch date
• One more thing

Read more in the full article here.


      1. Yes – good point

        It has been mentioned before iTouch will get a revamp.
        And also rumours the classic is dead.

        My bet is the iPHONE4s is what you are looking for.
        On sale and open.

        If not the iTouch gets phone capabilities and Apple would still calling it the iPodTouch with Talk functions added or take the plus 128Gb drive options.

  1. I’m really sick of articles like this. Why do we need to “expect” anything except the opportunity to hear Apple’s announcement on Oct. 4th? All these guessing games are like the high-tech version of the daytime gossip shows on tv—bubblegum for stunted minds.

    1. Reminds me of “Page 6” NY Post. Tech gossip.

      If there is a “One More Thing,” and i can’t wait, I’d love to see an appearance, even a brief one, by a healthy-looking Steve Jobs. Though I surely don’t expect it, it would be utterly fantastic. Meanwhile, bring out the iPhone 5 already so I can buy it!

  2. “One more thing” and the AppleTV in 7 more countries. How about a FaceTime USB camera on the AppleTV’s USB or AirPlay for video conferencing on your HDTV?

  3. If you have tried the incredible Siri app on your iPhone, you’ll get a mere taste of what is to come. The original iPhone made the touch interface practical for the first time. And I believe that Steve Jobs (yes, Steve Jobs) and Apple are about to do it again. For the first time, a voice-based interface will become truly practical.

    Go ahead and laugh. But when you get your next iPhone, you will never use it the same way again. It is the legacy of Steve Jobs to sense what you wanted before you ever imagined it.

    1. I’ve been impressed with Siri since it hit the app store. I know ppl say this isn’t the first entry. But Apples entry into this will be far more superior. I’ve attempted to use Droids voice recognition and is amazed it even made it public.

    2. The funny thing is, the voice recognition on the iPhone right now is probably the best I’ve ever used.

      It’s perfect for use with a Jabra handsfree in the car. For £20 you can obey the law (UK) and avoid 3 points on your licence and a £60 fine. I just figured out that I can press and hold the call button on the Jabra, and the voice recognition fires up. Say who I want to call, what song I want to play.

      So the only competition Apple have is with their current product. As usual!

  4. Cult of the Mac are indicating that newest iTunes beta shows white and black iPhone 4S. With no mention of a 5. If that is the case I suspect that there will be much sadness in AAPL land. If true the latest drop in stock price will look like small compared to what would be coming. Also mentioned in iTunes CDMA phones and GSM phones, so perhaps no GSM/CDMA phone either. I think I will just go to bed and cover my head until Tuesday. I just gotta quit reading all this stuff.

  5. To Whom It May Concern,

    I apologize in advance, but i just cant stand it anymore. I always cringe everytime I hear or read it.

    For heaven’s sake, it’s called “iPod touch” and not a bloody “iTouch”!! Is it so difficult to comprehend?!

    Thank you very much. Flame on.

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