Acer VP claims PC ultrabooks to hurt iPad in 2012

“Acer vice president Scott Lin pointed out that ultrabooks from notebook brand vendors will mostly be released in the fourth quarter and start mass shipping in early 2012; therefore, estimates for ultrabooks to account for 30% of the global consumer notebook shipments by the end of 2012 are reasonable and tablet PCs will be the first products to be impacted by ultra books,” Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

MacDailyNews Take: Proof that “tablets” will be the first products impacted by ultrabooks? None given by either the reporters or the Acer VP who’s trying to protect his ass.

Lee and Tsai report, “Sources from PC players also pointed out that although tablet PC shipments in 2011 are expected to reach 62.5 million units, with Apple reportedly to cut its iPad 2 orders, while HP and RIM had both suffered from unsatisfactory tablet PC sales, indications are that tablet PC shipment growth is already slowing down.”

MacDailyNews Take: Fiesta o’ FUD. Please see:
• JPMorgan analyst Moskowitz: Report of Apple iPad cuts by JPMorgan Asia staff not view of U.S. team – September 26, 2011
• There are no iPad cuts; some production has moved to Brazil – September 26, 2011

“The sources also noted that tablet PCs are considered data consumption products, unlike PCs which are data creation products,” Lee and Tsai report. “Once consumers purchase a tablet PC, the chance for them to replace the device is rather low; meanwhile, desktops and notebooks need to be replaced after a while.”

MacDailyNews Take: Tablet PCs (meaning iPad, of course) are considered to be data consumption products by whom? Acer’s deer-in-the-headlights VP and some people who’ve never used an iPad. iPads are data creation products (see: Numbers, Pages, iMovie, and thousands of other data creation apps) and anyone who says differently is either dreaming of the salad days of high margin netbooks or they have no earthly idea what they’re babbling about.

Lee and Tsai report, “In additional news, Acer announced its Ultrabook Aspire S3 on September 28 in Taiwan.”

MacDailyNews Take: Hence the reason for this blatant, desperate, transparent, thinly-disguised Acer press release from DigiTimes’ dynamic duo of poppycock. More reasons for this piece of tripe are chronicled in our list of related articles below.

Now, we must have missed it: When did Acer buy DigiTimes?

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. if ultrabooks were going to dent tablet sales then we woukd already see this in the sales figures for macbook air – the only ultrabooks on the market. But this is not the case – macbook air sales have been at the expense of windows notebooks and perhaps macbook pro…

  2. Acer probably out of business in 5? Really Scott, a little too late, don’t you think!
    HP out and Rim slashing prices for their playbook and Ultrabooks ….. Don’t think so.
    You ever try an iPad .

  3. Ultrabooks have a purpose, note the MacBook Air. But, an ultrabook is no tablet and is not easily whipped out of a purse or grabbed from the front seat of a truck.

    Tablets, AKA iPad, will continue to climb as more people tote these in hand and surf, read, and create content while we wait in those Starbucks coffee lines.

  4. Acer has lost the plot on what Apple product they are copying. The ultrabook is copying they Mac Book Air, not the iPad. If the Mac Book Air has not made a dent in iPad momentum then do you really think these ultrabooks are going to?

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