Samsung is so not copying Apple, here’s proof

TNW’s Matthew Panzarino has posted “a fairly amusing collection of images that show the similarities between the Samsung Galaxy products and the Apple iPad and iPhone.”

“There seem to be a lot of ways that the design of the two companies gadgets are overlapping. This is a bit of an issue as the Apple products arrived on the market first,” Panzarino reports. “The similarities between these products are being debated worldwide in over 20 cases dealing with both patents and industrial design.”

Panzarino reports, “In the appeal of the injunction granted Apple against Samsung in Germany, Judge Brueckner-Hofmann, of the Dusseldorf Higher Regional Court had this to say about the comparison: ‘The court is of the opinion that Apple’s minimalistic design isn’t the only technical solution to make a tablet computer, other designs are possible. For the informed customer there remains the predominant overall impression that the device looks [like the design Apple has protected in Europe].'”

Check out the incriminating evidence in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Boycott Samsung. We no longer buy Samsung-branded products and advise our millions of readers worldwide to also avoid purchasing Samsung-branded products until they cease stealing Apple’s patented IP.

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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      1. The only thing you get when you buy the Bravia line is the opportunity to pay for Sony’s marketing.

        The Samsung TVs are better, AND less expensive.

        As much as I hate to say it, Samsung makes great TVs, especially their plasmas.

      1. That’s true. The Sony screens are usually either Samsung or Sharp recently. Samsung’s new TVs this year are ahead of Sony. I prefer Sony’s simply apple-like aesthetic sense to the more flashy Samsung style, but the new Samsung Smart TV is pretty interesting.

    1. I disagree. Maybe the panels are good, but the electronics, specifically their HDMI sucks! Try using a Playstation 3 with a Samsung over HDMI–constant glitches, often had to power the TV off to get it to reconnect. The same Playstation works perfectly with an LG and also with a Sony. Also my iPad 2 had the same problems when connected through HDMI, and these problems also disappeared with the LG and with the Sony. Google it and you’ll see. I’ve been boycotting Samsung TVs since before they stole from Apple.

    2. I have to dissagree. I’ve had 2 samsung TVs in the last 5 years and both crapped out after less than 2 years. One was a CRT the other was an LCD. Both crap. I’ll never buy another samsung TV again.

  1. There’s proof all over that Samsung did copy Apple. Even testimony by one of there own employees. Also the fact that the iPad came out first with all of what you see today. Then Samsung COPIED IT! Sorry, Samsung you are WRONG! Apple has the legal right to shut you down. Hopefully VERY SOON!

      1. Look, I love Apple. I worked for them for over 8 years and I think they make great stuff. I’m just a bit sick of Apple running around crying when someone makes a product (whether or not they copied a design that is over 3 years old) and not just continue to innovate and better themselves with competition. You can’t patented a rectangle and say “hey, it looks too much like ours! Let’s sue em!” If there’s genuine IP of technology and Apple is loosing money from it. Then fine. I don’t see Apple losing any money lately.

        1. You got to be joking – right?

          I don’t believe you need to lose money in order to protect IP.

          A rectangle with the same radius curves.
          Looks, acts and talks like a iPhone.
          The shape, the interface, the functionality. Like come on.

          A power adapter in black. Oh, and lets make a tablet – too.
          Please! If Apple didn’t make a iPad, do you think anyone else would have?
          The iPad was dreamt-up first, apparently it wasn’t ready – so Apple brought out the Phone 1st.

          It took a long time for Apple to take action and protect their IP.
          There are so man other ways the competitors could have done things. Instead – they looked at what Apple was doing.

          The main thing I BELIEVE you need to think about is – Apple is ONE company who contracts other companies to produce their designs. Meanwhile, the consortium of 84 hardware, software, and telecommunication companies – ravish in CLONING Apples devices.

          IF you do not stop one – then the other 83 just continue.
          No – Apple work slowly and carefully to do what was best for APPLE.

          Samsung was a contracted partner for crying out loud!

        2. So, a company has to be losing money in order to have a legitimate rationale for protecting its IP? I can understand your IP lawsuit fatigue. But, if you value Apple, don’t be too quick to dismiss the importance of these lawsuits in protecting the long term viability of the company. It is very easy for a company in a strong position to allow that dominance to erode as desperate would-be competitors take a variety of actions (legal, gray area, or illegal) in an attempt to gain the upper hand, hoping that the sleeping giant does not notice enough to take action until it is too late.

          Apple will inevitably cross the line and go a little overboard in their zeal to protect their IP and their market dominance. But it is the media, not reality, that is painting Apple in a negative light. Apple put up with the copying and infringement for longer than many fans wanted (but, perhaps, just the right amount of time from a legal standpoint to allow Apple’s competitors to commit to a dead-end path).

          Many companies seek to protect their IP every day. Microsoft recently obtained a cross-licensing agreement with Samsung and royalties for the Android devices that Samsung produces. But that was just a blip on the media radar because Microsoft isn’t Apple. Many companies have sued Apple over the past decade, and many more are jumping on the bandwagon. I suspect that Google and Samsung have instigated many of the recent “independent” legal actions against Apple, just as I suspect that Microsoft did in the 1990s. Lawsuit by proxy – anything to distract and weaken the actions of the Apple legal team against Samsung and, the ultimate Apple target, Google.

          I believe that the problem is that anything that Apple does gets too much press and hype. Let the lawsuits go forward and the courts decide.

      1. I think the end samsung is going to lose big time.

        While i think a boycott is childish, i also do believe they copied apple’s designs like a state of the art copy machine.

        They might want to put those skills to better use and start copying piles of US treasury notes because this is going to sting their wallet when its all over lol

        1. I think what is childish is you telling others, constantly in posts after posts, that their opinions are childish and what they really ought to do. I mean, it is no secret that you want to buy Samsung products, we get it, you have made that point on numerous posts, now move on. Why would it then be necessary to harp on the same message again as response to anyone here who might agree with the boycott call. It almost seems like you have an agenda now. Isn’t that curious!

      2. What does this have to do with the court of law or brand loyalty for that matter? This is about not giving money to a company that steals from others and is not able (or unwilling) to design their own products. I don’t think anyone here believes this will somehow sway a court decision.

    1. I’m with you. I hope Apple prevails in their suits against Samsung and HTC, but the next time I need buy a TV or appliance I’m going to buy the one that fits my needs. Even if it is a Samsung.

      1. I don’t see myself buying one of their phones or tablets. That has nothing to do with my feelings towards apple, more to do with not settling on what i consider to be an inferior product.

        I’d consider their tvs, appliances and other stuff if i was in the market 🙂

        1. I don’t think a Samsung boycott has anything to do with Apple products, it has to do with Samsung. I’m choosing to boycott them because they’re thieves and unoriginal in their designs. Of course you’re free to buy what you like. Don’t go fooling your self as to what a boycott is about though. It’s not about Apple, it’s about Samsung.

    2. That’s fine, dude. I applaud independent thinking, especially when it backed by sound reasoning. However, by interpreting the MDN call to action against Samsung as “brand worship,” I believe that you are reacting too strongly.

      Personally, I do not like the way that Google or Samsung have backstabbed Apple. So, when the opportunity presents itself, I will avoid spending my money on their products or services as long as their are reasonable alternatives. I still use Google search and maps fairly frequently (can’t bring myself to use Bing). And I recently bought some Samsung HDDs because they had far better reviews than the competition. I am not going to increase my chances of a HDD crash to support a boycott.

      But I will look for alternatives to Samsung, especially when it comes to big ticket, name brand items.

  2. My family had always purchased Samsung products over the years. Washer and dryer, printers, HDTV’s with Samsung Blu-ray players just to name a few. I had recently purchased a Samsung 27″ monitor for use with my MB Air. In support of the Boycott it went back and we will no longer be allowing their products in our house.

  3. I was educated in design and earn my living in design.

    When I was in school, if I had submitted the Samsung design a week after someone else submitted the Apple design, I fully believe I would have received a failing grade for “copying” the earlier project. If folks can not see that in the photos, illustrations, and specifications of these 2 products and their accessories and packaging, then I have a pretty good idea how they made it through school, if they did.

    1. WELL SAID and yes – same experiences.

      Viewing other designs should be for inspiration and in no means for coping. Thats not innovation either – to innovate is to build upon what is already done merging several other influencing concepts and technologies to make a uniquely new thing.

      Many had talked about a PDA converging with a Cellphone – Apple dissolved the pen of the PDA that they invented the Netwon and saw Palm with the direction – yet innovated – with real thought to bring multi-touch to the world. I do not own why Apple – let HP and Microsoft even have any Multi-touch in any products.

      Samsung on the other made many more smartphone models using android (and other manufactures too HTC) – this mass production flooded the market with cheaper phones – much appealing to those wishing toys like an iPhone.

      Amazing for Apple to compete so well to a flood of over 84 other manufactures who all had not just one iPhone-Clone but perhaps 5. and The similarities of all competitors have resulted in very much a similar LOOKING and FUNCTIONING device.

      But that said, Samsung is a Korean company and in Asian this is what they do.. its how they survive no?

      1. I do not know HP’s history with multi-touch but MS, like apple, brought one of the pioneers of the technology in house to work on it. Im not sure if that has any bearing on why apple never went after MS or not. I like to think apple saw the demos and just figured MS was screwed so why waste the money on a lawsuit. Lol.

        I have an android phone but really if the iphone never showed up we’d all be on blackberrys to this day or android phones that looked like blackberry in ui design.

        I used to buy into the theory in the past that outfits like MS more or less arrived at similar OS designs on their own. It was easy to think this when apple was going in circles in the 90s trying to get out of the hole they dug.

        Using OS X and digging into xcode has been eye opening. They are way ahead of the curve.

  4. I bet they even thought about changing their logo to look something like an apple.

    All Korean firms copy, none have the smallest innovation bone in their body. SamDung crap!! Will never buy Korean “branded” products again, never mind SamDung.

  5. Until this considerable legal cause célèbre has its dénouement I agree with the boycott. To that end I have made my sentiments known to Samsung’s corporate offices in the U.S. What good is a boycott if it is a silent protest? Surely a significant telephone campaign will get their attention!

    1. Voting with your wallets sends a louder message sometimes to people who only speak in profits.

      If you are unsure of the effectiveness of this boycott, just look around at all the growing whinging of the suddenly increased number of shills in these forums.

  6. I know several people that went to buy an iphone and ended up with a samsung product. They asked for an iPhone and the salesperson said here this is like the iPhone and to the novice it looks like an iPhone and that is exactly what Samsung wanted them to think with their iPhone looking design. Samsung will lose many customers buy stealing designs from one of their clients (Apple). They will also lose billions in manufacturing as Apple goes elsewhere for their components. Samsung screwed the pooch on this one and will stain their name, lose business to the tune of 8 Bn a year all because they got greedy and decided they wanted some of Apple’s Profits so they simply copied the designs as close as possible. There are always going to be offshore manufacturers that want to rip off American designs, this has gone on forever and US Courts should protect against such obvious theft of IP!

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